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Holy Spirit spoke this to me this morning:  “The deadliest weapon a human being has is his mouth.”  “Words are the most powerful thing in the universe.”* The example set for us is our God when He created the world and all in it.  It is written in the book of Genesis that God spoke everything into existence.

Words are containers, they are seeds.  We can use our words to bless or curse ourselves and others.  “With it we bless God our Father, and with it we curse men who have been made in the similitude of God.”  (James 3:9 KJV)

Words…  No person on earth is not affected by the words spoken to them, by them or about them.

The words others say to us or about us can have a detrimental affect or they can build us up and encourage us.  But the deadliest words we hear can be the words we say about ourselves.  

For example:  If a parent tells a child, “You are stupid, and you will never amount to anything!”  This child will grow up believing that this is true because the parent has been charged by God to speak into the life of the child.  The child will grow up to be and do what the parent said to them about them. 

If the parent tells the child, “You can be anything you want to be and you can do anything you want to do.”  That child will believe that is true and will act accordingly because the parent has God-given authority over the child. 

These statements are generally true.  It is evident to me that an outside force can change the outcome for a person.  Alterations can and do happen, thank God.  But sometimes no matter what follows their growing up years, some are never able to get past the words of their parent and they will go on in life under the curse spoken to them and about them.

I have said the deadliest words any of us speak are the words we speak about ourselves.  The reason is this:  If we say, “I am such a klutz, I can’t do anything right.” or “That was a stupid thing to do, but that’s me.” or “I am so fat, I will never be skinny like my sister, she can eat anything and not gain a pound, I even smell food and gain 10 pounds.”  These words are self-fulfilling prophecy.  They come to pass., because that is what we really believe.  And belief leads to action.  We believe what we hear ourselves say.

It is written:  “Out of the abundance of the heart (soul) the mouth speaks. The good man brings good things out of his good store of treasure, and the evil man brings evil things out of his evil store of treasure.” (Matthew 12:34 BSB) Our words tell what we really believe, and we act accordingly.

God says:   “My son, give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings.  Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart; for they are life to those who find them, and health to all their flesh.  Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it springs the issues of life.  (Proverbs 4:22-23 NKJV)

By your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned.  (Matthew 12:37) God calls things into existence with His Words.  When He created the natural world, He used His Word.  

“God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue.  By which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may able partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.”  (II Peter 1: 3-4) 

When faith is mixed with God’s Word, God can work to manifest the promises spoken of by Peter the Apostle in the above verses.  He can also fulfill the other promises in His written Word if we will believe and speak them.

God speaks and we speak because we are created in His image and likeness.  We will speak, but what we speak will agree with God and His Kingdom or our words will agree with the kingdom of darkness.  

God has given us authority over our own body.   We can speak life to ourselves, or we can speak curses on ourselves.  We can agree with God and how He sees us, or we can believe what other people say to or about us, or we can agree with the thoughts the adversary puts into our minds and speak that.

It is written in Proverbs 18:21:  “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall ear the fruit thereof.”

Let us consider this: “For you formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  My frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the lowest arts of the earth.  Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed and in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.”  (Psalm 139:14 NKJV)  

Take some time today to consider what He has done in you and your world.  God wants you to love yourself as He loves you.  It is not wrong!  This kind of love is not self-centered, it is God-centered because of who He is and what He has done to make you a marvelous creation.   He is worthy to be praised because He is a great God and has done wondrous things. Praise the Lord!

Thanks be to God for His many blessings!  Amen!

PP1:  Charles Capps, “God’s Creative Power”  Published 1976 by Harrison House

The United States of America as I was taught.

The United States is a Democratic Republic. At the federal level are three branches of government.

They are:

Executive: President etal.

Legislative; Senate and House of Representatives

Judicial: Supreme Court etal.

Checks and balances are built into the system of government to insure that the country does not become a dictatorship ruled by one party. The main governing document is the Constitution of the United States of America. It states that America shall be a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The offices of each branch were to be occupied by citizen legislators who represented the people. It was understood that they would serve a term and then go back to private life. It was never the intent that politics was to become a profession and ones life work.

Each state was to have its own governing body:

Executive: Governor etal.

Legislative: Senate and House of Representatives

Judicial: Supreme Court etal.

There is in the legislative branch of the federal and state governments, a two party system, it is to be bicameral in order to better serve the people it represents.

For many years during my life, the Democratic party was known as the party of the people. The Republican party was the party of big business, yet they worked together for the good of the people. That has descended to its lowest level at this time. It has now become a constant barrage of polarized opposites with egregious verbiage to which we are subjugated daily from every media source.

At this time the Democratic party openly has stated their belief in and stand for:


Same sex relationships

Open borders

A welfare state

One party government, theirs

New world order

The Republican party believes in and stands for:

The opposite of all of the above

except one party government, theirs.

In both parties are people who agree with the party stance and those who don’t, and there are those who compromise the values of their particular party as they side with the other party. Now there is talk of some states seceding from the Union because they don’t agree with what is happening at the federal level.

It has become a daily rant of one against the other, with name calling and accusations flying from both camps. The people are caught in the cross-hairs.

What will the end be? Without unity, without love of country more than love of money, position and power, how can the Union survive?

God help us! All that we the people want is to live our lives out, be happy and see our children succeed in life. The chances of that happening seem remote at this time.

The prophets in the Christian community are saying that God has a plan, that He knows all about what is going on and He will intervene and make things right. The teaching is that America is a covenant nation and that God has called her to spread the gospel to the nations; she will fulfill that mandate.

There is an end-time scenario that the Bible teaches will take place. During that time there are nations that the Bible states will be part of that, America is not mentioned there.

The Christian community is praying and asking God for an outpouring of the Spirit of God as it is written in the Bible and as it has been experienced at different times in history.

The Muslim faith has become a strong presence in America at this time. The stated goal is domination.

The name means: submission and it is required of its followers. There has been much written about the plan and the goal that Islam has for the world. This is to be done by many means. It is not my desire to focus on this religion, but rather to make people aware that this will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

God told believers to “Watch and Pray”. God is God! Ultimately, His will is going to be done “On earth as it is in Heaven.” In the meantime, each person is living out his or her allotted time here on earth with the best understanding that they have. Hopefully, that includes a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

I submit this to God and to you. It is my best understanding at this time.


Storm On The Horizon

The day began early for me. It was 5:58 A. M., it was February 2nd, and I was wide awake. Now that is not that unusual as I frequently awaken in the third watch of the night. But this time it was different. My spirit was quickened, on the alert. Something was up. I grabbed my Bible, my journal and my pen and prepared myself to hear what the Lord would say to me. I was not disappointed.

Lately I have been reading the Psalms. I got a Berean Study Bible last year and I decided I would read through it cover to cover. I really like this translation. Holy Spirit reveals things hidden in the depths, things that I have passed over before, things I never saw. For example, it is written in Psalm 50:23 “He who sacrifices a thank offering honors Me and to him who rights his way I will show the salvation of God.”

This phrase, “He who sacrifices a thank offering honors Me.” stood out to me. I have read about offering a sacrifice of praise, but I had never seen sacrificing a thank offering. Wow! And the fact that the Psalmist says to thank God when you don’t feel like it, sacrifice it, do it anyway because it honors Him, well that was new to me. This is definitely more difficult to do when it isn’t going well in your world. But it honors Him and how could I not do so since I love Him.

Sitting in my chair I began to thank and praise the Lord for all He has done for me. The greatest gift I ever received was salvation, eternal life. Jesus is my Lord and with His Spirit in me as my guide, my teacher, my counselor and my comforter I have been able to navigate the storms of life. God is good.

I looked at my Hebrew Calendar and was reminded of my sister-in-law, Mary Elizabeth. She moved home last year. She and my brother Ken were ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their ministry was “Reaching the lost, teaching the found.” Their motto was: United in His purpose.” Together they served the Lord in the Houston, Texas area. The virus that has been used to bring fear and death to many brought death to them. As you may imagine the impact upon family members and friends at their homegoing has been confusing at best. Each of us has struggled with it in our own way. Perhaps the most difficult time for all of us has been their youngest daughter, as she has had to deal with all that was left behind.

As I sought to understand why they died, I heard the Lord say: “They ran their race and finished their course.” A friend of mine joined me in praying that they would be healed, she heard the Lord say: “They completed their assignment.” That is good enough for me. They are with the Lord they loved and served with all their heart. It is enough.

The Hebrew calendar for Wednesday February 2nd is the beginning of the month of Adar Aleph1. This is especially interesting to me as the scripture for the month is Psalm 8:3. “When I consider the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained (verse 4 adds) What is man that thou art mindful of him.” Mary Elizabeth taught a lot about the Hebrew way. She loved the Jewish scriptures and taught much about God’s love for His chosen people. What is man? Why does God care about us? Does He have a plan for the world and for each of us as individuals? The answer is: “Yes!”

I listened as He spoke. “The storm begins in the natural realm and in the spiritual realm. This time is the precursor to the rule of Jesus from Jerusalem. It is not time for Jacob’s trouble. God is in control of time. The enemy moved, he gloated that he took “The Hill”, now he will see that he was wrong. His trial balloon worked upon the sheeple but not on the ecclesia. Blind eyes will be opened and the elect who were deceived will join the fight. Truly it shall be as God said, ‘The lost shall be found, the back-sliders shall come home, and my house shall be full.’ Only then will a marker be set; only then will there be a period of time allowed before the King comes to claim the nations for His inheritance. To your stations church!”

God has a people who are His. Those whose hearts are wholly His. Those who know that this is not ‘Home’, this is TDY, we are an army, and we are here on assignment. Our war is not with guns or bullets. It is spiritual. We fight the kingdom of darkness, not people. We are the children of the Kingdom of Heaven, and we have no king but Jesus. The coin of the realm is Love.

February 2, 2022 marked a day of witness. The number two in the Bible is the number of witness. Something changed yesterday. It was spiritual. But the natural realm was affected as well. A winter storm warning was issued for a big chunk of the country. It rained, then it froze and then it snowed. It remains to be seen if it will be the big threat that the forecasters said it would.

Holy Spirit prayed through me… for the voices of leaders in the Body of Christ. May they be heard. May every hireling be exposed. May God’s will be done in, with and through them.

We prayed for President Trump and his family members. May he have a visitation from the Lord so that he knows that he is just a man.

We prayed for Congress and the Supreme Court and lastly, we prayed for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer. May the Lord have mercy upon them, open their eyes to truth and may they choose to follow Him. He is merciful, but he is also just. Timing is everything. There is a time for everything under heaven according to the book of Ecclesiastes. Time waits for no man. Only God, only prayer changes the lost.

God is God! His will is going to be done on earth, in Israel, in America and in the world. That is unchangeable. Individuals are given choices. They get the results of what they choose. He does everything He can to reach them with His love. Some choose Him and some don’t. Judgment comes.

Some have written about the storm. I recall seeing a video of John Paul Jackson called, “The Perfect Storm”. That was several years ago. Sometimes people will not listen, and God must get their attention with a storm of some kind. One person likened it to being hit over the head with a 2X4. That is a little too violent for my taste.

“Lord, make me quick to listen, quick to hear and quick to act upon it. May all the children of God choose Your right way of doing and being. May we do life Your way, choosing Your will, and following Your word. Amen.”



A person’s life on this earth is as complex as the body he lives in while he is here. Our family recently experienced firsthand the death of several family members. The first to die were a complete shock, so totally unexpected that we still cannot believe that they are not here.

Lately I have been thinking about Robert, my sister’s husband. He was what might be called a character. People liked him. There were friends that he would hang around with in his younger days, but there were some that remained friends up until the day they died.

I remember times years ago when my brothers would all be together, they would talk of the things they did as young men and Robert was part of all of it. They would tell stories and laugh until we all were holding our sides. Sadly, as he aged, he came to believe that the family did not like him.

I believe that the “roots” of a person play a huge part in who he becomes.

Robert was the only child of his parents. In the time period of his birth and growing years ADHD was not heard of in the schools. Naturally speaking, I believe that Robert probably would have been diagnosed with ADHD; and had he been given medical help, he might have lived a “normal” life.

Parents play a huge part in any child’s birth and development. It is God’s will that every child be loved, cared for and nurtured. When the parents are without God’s love, they have little love to give a child. Some parents do not know how to love because they were not loved. Others are preoccupied with other things that take their time and attention. Then there are some parents that are sorry they had a child. I believe that Roberts mother was the latter.

Some children come into this world with a load of DNA baggage. Robert was one such child. Combined with a perfectionist mother this was lethal.

Helen, Robert’s mother, was not only a perfectionist, but she was also a negative personality who always saw the dark side of things. Helen’s mother was a devout Christian, I believe she was Catholic. I have read some of the poetry her mother wrote, and it is beautiful. In this case the DNA came through the generational lines from the mother’s family many generations back, I believe the result of a curse placed on the family. It all culminated in Robert.

Robert was a rebel at heart. He refused to conform. He lived his life the way he wanted to. His desires were the standard by which he lived. He did not care what anyone thought about it. This included his wife and children.

Robert met my sister when she was only 15 years of age. He was the “older man” attracted to a much younger girl, which worked for his way of doing and being. He came into the relationship with her after being rejected by another girl to whom he had been engaged. This girl was approved by his mother, and she was not happy that he chose my sister, something my sister lived with most of her life.

They began life together as a married couple 61 years ago. Just a child herself, she would end up having three miscarriages and eventually three living children, two boys and a girl.

Life was anything but easy. I can tell you that there were years and years of verbal abuse from Robert to my sister and to the boys. When the girl was born, he softened a bit. But there never was a real transformation. All of the children have been affected in some way by their dad. They carry his DNA.

It would serve no purpose to rehearse all of the sins and transgressions of my brother-in-law. I do want you to know that Robert could neither read nor write when he married my sister. He taught himself to do both. He had a curious mind, and he was creative.

At one point in his life, he became a welder. During that time, he created a tool for a UPS truck that he was working on. He created fishing rods, he made lures for fishing, and he made knives out of saw blades. But none of his attempts were successful from a money standpoint.

Robert was an avid reader and TV watcher. He had opinions about everything and was not shy to tell you about them and he let you know that he was right, loudly and with expletives.

He worked at a sugar beet plant for a period of time; it was there that he was injured when a huge rock fell on his back. He never recovered from this injury, and he spent all the rest of his days in pain.

In December of 2021 Robert became sick and was diagnosed with the Covid virus.

On Friday December 17, the family was told by a hospice nurse that he probably would not make it through the night. They had scheduled him to be put into hospice on Monday. He lived until 2:20 A.M. on December 20, 2021, the exact day of his birth. He chose cremation. According to his wishes, there was no funeral, but there was a memory service. This took place on January 7, 2022.

Now to the rest of the story. Robert was a man who believed that God existed. He did not honor Him, nor did he worship him. And he made it abundantly clear that he wanted nothing to do with Jesus. Against this backdrop, was a family of believers who prayed for his salvation. God answers prayer.

There is a parable that Jesus taught about some workers who were hired to work in a field. Some came early and agreed to a certain wage and others were standing around and were engaged at the same sum by the master. While this is not totally applicable to Robert’s life, I would make the point that some come to Jesus early in life like I did, and others come later. And some just make it by the “skin of their teeth” like my dad and Robert.

The family was given visions and words concerning Robert’s last hours on earth. The assurance was that he was “safe in the arms of Jesus.” God is merciful!

Numerically, the numbers involved in all of this have a very interesting message as well. We see the fact that Robert died 12-20, the same day that he was born. He died at 2:20 AM. His memorial service was 1-7-22. 0 is the number for eternity. 1 is the number for God. 2 is the number for witness. 7 is the number for perfection. This interpretation of numbers is from the scriptures.

I was given the following word: “Robert’s death is a sign that the lost will be found, and backsliders will come home, and My house will be full.”

I witness both the goodness and the mercy of God as I remember Robert’s life. But I also witness, that God used it as a marker. The church has been praying for revival. The prophets have been declaring it is coming. I am encouraged by that, and I am looking forward to the pouring out of God’s Spirit as He promised.

If you are without Christ in this world, the Bible says you are lost. Come home to God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son. If you knew Jesus at some point and walked away, come back. It is time to return home.

Who Owns You?


Who do you belong to?

The night was finally over. She took a shower, put on an old ragged t-shirt, pulled off the dirty sheet and put on a clean one, and climbed into bed. Her day began again; get a few hours of sleep and then comes the night. Night after endless night the same routine since she had been captured.

Could it be two years since she had seen her parents. What had become of them and her sisters and brothers and had they wondered why they never heard from her? She thought she could help them by going to work as a maid for wealthy people in the big city. The man who spoke to her father had assured him that there were plenty of jobs. She and her parents had no idea she would end up here.

She was long past crying herself to sleep. He had seen to that. Her emotions had to be dead to do what he wanted from her. And oh, he wanted everything she had. When the initial shock, the beatings and the rape by several men was over, bloodied and bruised, she was set aside to heal for a time, with the promise that there would be more if she disobeyed his commands.

So began the endless round of men she had to “entertain” every night. The only time she had any respite was when she had her monthly visitor. And then it happened, she was pregnant. What should have been a joyful time for her as a woman, became a nightmare. She knew what would happen, she had seen it happen with some of the others; she would be allowed to go full term and deliver her baby only to have it taken from her and sold for a lot of money.

What is interesting about her story is that this goes on all over the world, with some of the “nicest” people. Even those that the world thinks are beyond that “sort of thing”. Every day people are abducted and sold into the slave trade. Blood thirsty people buy and sell people like they are cattle. No child is too young. The stories are coming out of babies and toddlers who are abducted and sold for their blood.

Alana had a problem with her parents. They were just too strict. She loved revealing clothes. It showed off her figure and she liked that. She got a lot of attention from the boys in school when she wore deep cut blouses and tight jeans. The other girls in her class were just jealous, or so she thought. “I look good. I don’t know what their problem is.”, she thought.

She did well in school and always had. She excelled in almost everything she did. Her plan, and thankfully her parents agreed, was to go to college and get her degree in nursing. The local college had a good program. But Alana wanted to get away from home. She wanted to go to Ball state.

After graduation she was enrolled in the nursing program. She worked a summer job for spending money and with it she purchased more clothes. Alana had a passion for clothes. She focused on clothing that would enhance her figure. For a time she dabbled in fashion design, but her real interest was nursing.

Upon graduation from college she was offered a position at the local hospital. It was here that she met Ben. He was taken by her beauty and the fact that she had a good mind. Ben was a surgeon at the hospital and he had a wonderful career path. He pursued her until she agreed to marry him. Alana believed that they could have a good life and make a lot of money. What she didn’t fully see was how jealous Ben was. He didn’t want her to talk to other men. But, she thought that would be over once they got married.

Alana had worked the late shift. She was tired but took a shower before getting into bed. She was awakened when she heard someone in the kitchen. Ben came into the room. “Hi honey, what are you doing home? Did they give you the day off?”, she said. He said, “No, I thought I would surprise you.” “Wonderful”, she said. Reaching out to him, he joined her in bed. Their intimacy was pleasant as usual.

When it was over, the argument began. It was always the same. Ben pressed, “Who is that guy I saw you talking to yesterday.” You seemed real cozy with him.” She tried to explain the situation to him and assert again that there were no other men that mattered to her, he was all she wanted. But, he wouldn’t accept it. “You always flaunt your breasts for all the men to see.” He said. Well, that won’t happen again. His surgeons knife and sulfuric acid would take care of that.

The headlines in the paper read: “Doctor Murders His Wife”. She had flaunted her body all her life, wore revealing clothes and flirted with men, even though her heart belonged to Ben. They had argued many times about it. That day jealousy destroyed two lives.

Modesty is the best policy. Always. Not because it is prudish or old fashioned, but because it saves men from lusting after a body that is not theirs to possess. Scripture makes it clear that a man should have a wife and she should meet his needs. Society has drifted far from that standard.

Maddie was only 15 years old when her father died. Her mother worked and Maddie was used to being a latch-key kid. After the funeral, she and her mother got back to the usual routine. Her father had never been there for her, so she didn’t miss him that much.

Norman was their next door neighbor. He had always been kind to the family. Helping when he could. His wife had died several years before and they had no children, so he had followed Maddie’s growing up years. She called him Uncle Norman.

After a few months, Norman began to approach Norma, Maddie’s mother, about going on a date with him. She finally consented. This began a short courtship ending in marriage. The now new family decided to sell both houses and buy a new one. Which they did. Life changed dramatically for Maddie after the move.

Maddie was asleep when she became aware that Norman was getting in bed with her. She struggled against his body, but he was stronger than she was. He told her how much he loved her and wanted to be close to her. But, he asked her not to tell her mom as it would upset her. When she protested, he threatened her. So, she never told Norma what was happening. This lasted for two years until she left home. But Maddie’s life would never be the same.

How many children are raped by someone who says that they love them? Forced to live a lie, they have no recourse. Sometimes even when they do tell what has happened to them, they are not believed.

Elizabeth was the youngest of four children. Her older sisters were reliable and obedient to their parents. She had been spoiled as a little girl and thus she became self-centered and thoughtless.

When she became a pre-teen her interest in boys was off the charts. She and her girl-friends ran the streets of their small town, chattering about the boys. They talked and dreamed of the time when they would be able to date.

In the meantime, they had some growing up to do. Liz, what her friends called her, was becoming a lovely young lady. She learned how to behave around her parents and their generation, but she had a reputation of being wild in the small town they lived in. Her dad disciplined her and she endured it, but she did not change.

One night when Liz was with her friends, they were walking in the park near where the baseball team was playing a game. Hoping to attract glances from the guys, they had on their shortest shorts and their most revealing tops. Passing through a dark area in the park where there were a lot of trees on both sides, Liz and her friend Amy were grabbed and sexually assaulted.

Crying, she ran home and told her mother and father what had happened; Instead of the comfort she needed, her dad beat her, telling her that it was her own fault for the way she dressed and acted. She was devastated. She cried herself to sleep that night and many nights after that. This situation set in motion a life of promiscuity. She gained a lot of weight and would stuggle her whole life with it.

In general terms, weight gain is not unusual for a girl who has been raped. Being overweight seems to be part of the picture, the feeling that this will make her unattractive to men and yet because she has been affected by the spirit of lust she is drawn to men.

I believe that girls do not realize that the female body is attractive to men and that men have a need for sex that most women don’t have. They seem to not be able to put two and two together in this regard. Moderate dress that is fashionable is attractive but not alluring. Tight clothing, revealing clothing allures and draws sexual attention.

When God’s laws are violated, there are consequences. There are always consequences. A man who is preoccupied with sex, but has a righteous soul, will find the outlet for his sin in pornography. He thinks that it affects no one but himself. Sin always affects others, in this case it affects his wife most of all, but it also opens up the door to his children; and the enemy of our soul wastes no time in seeing to it that circumstances of this sin will affect the whole family. Sin has consequences, always!

God hates sex sin! Why? Because it has to do with creation and He is the Creator.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and all that is within them. Mankind was the apex of His creation, the best; because he was created in God’s image and likeness. Man needed someone who was like him, so God made woman, womb man. Thus His creation was to create more just like them to be more like Him. God wanted a family. It was the perfect set up, until a snake came into the garden.

There is always a snake in the garden. Someone who is willing to be used to bring sin into the picture. In the case of the first people on earth, that snake was used by the adversary, known as satan, to destroy the destiny of mankind. The need for a savior was born.

God’s own Son, Yeshua, Jesus, came to earth as a man, to become the perfect lamb “slain from the foundation of the world”. The blood of animals was used for centuries to cover the sin of the Hebrew race. When Yeshua came to His people He became the Lamb of God and His blood blotted out sin for those who came to God through Him.

“The life is in the blood”. The perfect lamb, Yeshua, was accepted by God, thus making the way for all mankind to come back to relationship with Him, back to original intent. Through man and woman God wants natural family, Through Jesus the Messiah God wants spiritual family. God is all about family.

Each of the scenarios above are about family and what happens when sin comes in to destroy. Everything changes and nothing is ever the same again, that is until God is brought into the picture. I have known some who can remember trying times with no pain. They choose to live looking to the future where God has only good plans.

When I was trying to deal with life issues as a young person, My mentor told me: “God owns the water and God owns the dam, let it go.” That was good advice.

When a man and a woman enter into covenant with God and with each other, a perfect union is established and righteous seed can come forth. This is God’s perfect will. If they bring their children up “in the fear and admonition of the Lord.”, God’s original intent is served.

It is God’s will that young people pray and seek Him for their mate for life, keeping themselves in the fear and love of God, staying pure until marriage.

As we know, this does not happen very often. So what happens if we are reaping the consequences of our sin and we realize that God would be just to leave us in our sin because we chose it?

Thank God He will not turn away those who call upon Him with a truly repentant heart. God knows all hearts and we cannot con Him. When we seek Him with all of our heart, He will be found.

He says, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” It is time to turn to God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind. What of those who are not led to marry, or those who cannot “marry at last”. God’s apostle Paul speaks to that issue. There are “some that are eunuchs by birth and some are made eunuchs by men.” God has no problem with that. Let them make God their life focus, to worship and serve Him all the days of their lives.

God has a plan for every human being who has come from the heart of the Father of spirits to the earth. And it is a good plan, not evil. God is good and He is light. There is no darkness in Him. Seek the Lord with all your heart. Turn to Him if you have been bruised and battered by the world. He will receive and heal you.

Yeshua has redeemed us from the Kingdom of darkness. It is your choice to be transferred into the Kingdom of Light. Yeshua, Jesus, is the Light, no one walks in darkness who has the Light of life.

Come to Jesus and be healed.

Love to you from God our Father in Heaven. Joy

The Final Decision

Nina Pilaski stepped out of her body. She believed in life after death, but somehow she thought it would be different than it was. She looked down at her 81 year body lying in the hospital bed. Looking around the room she saw her husband and her five children crying and mourning as her body began to become rigid.

Suddenly her whole life passed before her eyes. She viewed her birth, her parents and the houses they lived in. She saw herself as a child, a happy little girl going to church with her family. Nina was raised in the religion of her family. They were devout. She saw how many times in her life God had tried to get through to her, but she refused the truth.

As she viewed, what seemed like a movie or a video, she saw every scene, heard every sound; she heard every thought she had and she saw every thing she did. In her college years she met her husband, she saw their marriage and she saw the birth of each of her children. Nina saw it all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Nina had been an advocate of health care, human rights, environmental issues, regarding war she was a dove, she was a defender of open borders and she had been proud of her stance on all of these issues.

Having worked her way up the system in her political party she had found herself with power that some only dream of. It was heady stuff and she loved it.

Nina watched the movie roll out scene after scene of her life. She saw the home she and her husband shared in a prestigious part of her home state; she observed the wealth and influence she gained year after year; she saw the fame and the influential friends who helped her get where she was and she saw the wealth her family gained over the years; She saw it all, the pride, the greed, the lust for things, and the lust for power, wealth and fame. The people she had used and some that she and her husband had abused to get more of it all. It was all opened up and rolled out in front of her. She had to see it all.

She saw the condition of her soul, the black darkness that she had chosen to walk in; blinded and deaf to the reality that, while she thought she was following the truth, she was deceived.

She had boasted how she was a good Christian, now she saw that her stance was heretical, that she had committed grave offense against the Kingdom of God and her stance led others to follow her path, not the beliefs of the church she was part of. Nina had not known that God’s Kingdom is not a democracy where humans can pick and choose what they think is the right thing to do. Consequently, she adapted her religion to suit her own beliefs, even using God’s word incorrectly to make her point about the issues of the day.

There is a story about a father who wanted to teach his children the truth that you cannot play with evil and not be touched by it. The children were minors but they asked to be able to go to a party where there was no adult supervision and beer being served. They told him that they wouldn’t drink any of it. Their father said no. They were angry. But, they didn’t know what their father knew. He knew that if you play along the creek bank long enough you will eventually fall in.

To teach his children the truth, he baked a batch of brownies putting in a little dog poop. In the morning he told them they could each have a brownie to put in their lunch bag, which they were happy to do…until he told them the secret ingredient he had put in the brownies. The Bible says a little leaven, leavens the whole lump.”

Nina saw that process in action as she saw the choices she had made throughout her life. She had denied the truth and she had lived her life, believing a lie. The deceiver had fed her “brownies with poop in them” and she had eaten them

Suddenly, Jesus the Christ stood in front of her. He said these words: “Someone prayed that you would come to me. You have this one last opportunity to do so before you cross over. What is your decision?

Now with eyes wide open Nina said, “Yes.”, to Jesus and she is with the Lord of Glory because someone or several someones prayed for her. Each of us must decide where we will spend eternity. No decision is a no decision.

At this time Nina Pilaski is an 81 year old person and very much alive. You may have guessed who I am writing about. Her time is almost up on earth. Because God loves her so much, He has done, and will do, everything He can to reach her before she makes the final decision. She will be given one last chance to choose life in the Kingdom of Heaven because someone prayed.

Jesus the Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life and no one comes to Father God except through Him. He is the bridge. Prayer has eternal consequences. Jesus told His followers: “Pray for your enemies.” Pray for Nina Pilaski, there is yet time. God loves her and will forgive her if her eyes are opened. Amen!


Today is the anniversary of my mother’s birthday. She would have been 109 today if she had lived. My mother gave birth to seven children, among whom I am the eldest. My youngest sibling, Cynthia Kay, we called her Cindy, was a Down Syndrome child. She was born when mother was forty two. She died when she was nine years of age.

Mother and Dad divorced because of pressure from the county welfare department who had been supporting the family due to my dad’s alcoholism. They gave her an ultimatum: “Divorce him, or we will take the children and put them in foster homes, but we will not continue to support you and the children as long as he is in the home.” She made a decision to keep her children.

Life was not easy for her. She made a decision to marry my dad against her parents advice. She was twenty six. It turned out that she had a hard life because of the alcohol. My Dad consumed some hard liquor when he was younger, but eventually beer became his beverage of choice. Early on, he managed to hold down a job, but as the addiction began to take hold of him, the ability to work decreased ending in the death of the marriage.

For the better part of this month, it is August as I write this, my siblings and our families, have been contending for the lives of our brother Ken and his wife Mary. We have been joined by many friends.

Many years ago Ken asked me to help him write his story. We did so and reminisced as we wrote. Ken was a good sinner before he met Jesus. And no one was more profoundly thankful to God for his salvation. He wanted everyone to know Jesus and benefit from all that Jesus paid the price for us to have. He prayed with people to be healed and they were. He took serious the call to bring people to salvation.

Ken died on Saturday morning the 21st of August. The diagnosis was the virus when he was admitted to the hospital; of course, that is not what kills people, it is secondary causes. But many of us know that no matter what kills people at this time it is recorded as the virus.

To say that we love our brother is putting it mildly. He was always smiling and telling us to “Keep Looking Up!” When our three brothers would get together they would tell stories and laugh. You could not help but laugh with them. We cannot change the outcome of what feels to us like a tragedy, but we can and will celebrate Ken’s life. He touched many people and they will voice their praise to God for a life well lived and so will we.

Having fought the good fight of faith for Ken’s life, we fight the battle for Mary’s life. Mary went through many things in her life here on planet earth. Probably more than most people. But she was not one to complain or air her or anyone else’s dirty laundry in public. She faithfully prayed, she studied to show herself approved unto God a workman who was not ashamed to speak of the things she knew. She taught on TV, on radio, on Facebook and she had women’s Bible studies in her home. She and Ken hosted Christian gatherings and they supported others who did.

Ken and Mary have many friends in the Houston area. They stepped up to the plate in their prayer and support for Ken and now especially for Mary as she fights for her life.

The last enemy that will be destroyed is death. Jesus will come a second time to earth and this time He will not come as the suffering servant, He will come as the conquering king. We look forward to that day. In the meantime we occupy until He comes, whenever that is.

If you do not know Jesus personally, I pray that God will stir your heart. Every human was created to worship. We will all worship something or someone. It was for worship of God that we were created. Oh, the blessing of knowing Him, knowing that when I die, I will go “Home”.

Ken is enjoying the one who created Him, he is enjoying the family that went on before and meeting the saints of old. He has a mansion that he is occupying and Ken loved things nice, so I am sure that it is splendid! I am looking forward to going there myself. Knowing that Mom and Dad are there; Grandparents are there, my sister is there and the child I lost here is there, this brings excitement to my soul. Most of all, I long to see Jesus face to face, this one that I have loved since I was fifteen years of age. Oh that will be Glory! Jesus, precious Jesus, the one who saved me by His grace!

Praise the Lord!

The Frame Up

The conversation with her brother still ringing in her ears, she ducked into an alley to avoid the stares of the women who were at the Shul to do their shopping for the day. Mary wanted nothing to do with their judgment, after all they didn’t know what she had gone through that brought her to the place she was today.

And to have Lazarus bring those stinging words, “You are no better than a temple prostitute Mary! You know that our parents would be so ashamed of what you are doing with your body, giving it to that Pharisee, Simon. What a hypocrite! And you joining in his hypocrisy. One of these days this whole business is going to come out into the open and you know that he will not be to blame, you will. Please come home, Martha and I will take care of you.”

“Why can’t people mind their own business!”, She thought. “I just want to be left alone.” “I know what I am doing, and besides, Simon is good to me. Would I have that beautiful new silk robe if it were not for him?” “I don’t care what people think or say, it’s none of their business.” “He makes me feel like a woman and I have not felt like that for a long time.”

She hurried back to her home to get ready for Simon. Surely, he would have a surprise for her today.

He arrived at midday. She opened the door and greeted him with a passionate kiss, teasing him with the promise of more later.

“What did you bring me today, Simon?”

“Ah, Mary, you are always wanting something.” That stung, but she did not allow it to stop her. She would have something for allowing him to use her. She was sure that she could win his heart. So, she persisted. “Simon, you have asked me to be faithful to you and, you know, not entertain others. Should I not have something from you?”

Simon brought out a box. In the box was a jar covered with gold, etched with pomegranates and bells. She was so excited.

“What is this Simon?”, she asked.

‘It is a jar of pure spikenard, Mary.” “Do not ask where it came from.”, he said.

Mary placed the jar on the shelf; turning to him, she thanked him, took hold of his hand and led him to her bed.

The door burst open, “Okay, Simon, we caught her in the act. Leave now and we will deal with her.”

They dragged Mary into the street, throwing her at the feet of the one they had been trying to trap. This time they were sure that they had Him.

“We caught this woman in the very act of adultery. She should be stoned according to our law. What do you say?”

“Yeshua, bent down and with His finger began to write something in the sand.” He named the secret sin of every man there. When He had finished He stood up and said, “Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone.” Beginning with the eldest, one by one they backed away, until only the woman and Yeshua remained. Reaching out his hand to help her up, He asked, “Woman, where are your accusers?”

The presence of this man was overwhelming. Mary had never felt like this. He embodied acceptance without judgment. It did not matter what she had done, what she had been. Somehow He knew what she was and yet He cared about her and He required nothing from her. Something was happening in her heart.

Responding to his question she said, “They are gone, sir.”

He said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.” Turning, He walked away and Mary went back to her home.

As she entered the place that she had called home for quite some time, she saw it in a new light. She felt different, she was different. She could not continue this lifestyle. Simon had betrayed her, but she still had the gift of nard. She had to find this man who had set her free and let Him know how thankful she was. She would offer Him the gift of her harlotry.

Simon had invited Yeshua to come to his home for the evening meal. He was curious about this man after what he was told had happened with Mary today. He had to hear more. But, he was not going to make himself vulnerable to condemnation from the Sanhedrin, that was for sure. So, Yeshua would not be treated as an honored guest. He would see to that. After all, he would explain when they asked him, that he only wanted to hear the man’s philosophy.

Reclining at the table, Simon was asking questions, as were those whom he had invited to the meal. In the midst of this, Mary came in. What was she doing here? Simon was embarrassed. She lay down at Yeshua’s feet. Crying, she wiped his feet with her hair. Simon watched horrified as she took out a jar, it was the jar of nard that he had given her earlier. She broke open the seal and began to pour the fragrant ointment on Yeshua’s feet. The fragrance filled the room.

Simon was indignant. That spikenard had cost him a great deal, to say nothing of what he had gone through to get it. What if one of the guests recognized the jar? The pomegranates and bells on it would be a dead give away. He could be in real trouble. The holy anointing oil was only to be used for worship of God.

If Yeshua were a prophet, He would know what kind of woman Mary was and would not want her touching him. “Rabbi, don’t you know this woman is a sinner?”, he asked.

Yeshua looked at him and said, “Simon, you invited me to come to your house for a meal and I came. It is customary for a guest to have their feet washed upon entering, You did not even do that which is customary. You see this woman that you call a sinner, she has honored me by washing my feet with her tears, wiping them with her hair and she has anointed my feet for ministry.”

Simon was livid. How dare He speak to him in this way. He had position and place, this itinerant preacher was in no position to question him. And yet, when all of his guests had left the house, and Simon was alone with his thoughts, he pondered all that had taken place that day. He had not wanted to go along with the scheme the other Pharisees had hatched to catch Yeshua in a trap, but he had done so. Now he felt dirty and ashamed. This man, Yeshua, was a good man. Simon felt changed by His presence. He must know Him.

Mary went back to her house, determining to take Lazarus up upon his word. She would go back to Bethany in the morning.

Martha and Lazarus were so thankful that Mary had come home. They knew it was not an easy decision, they wanted to know the whole story. Sitting down, Mary began to rehearse the road she had traveled that brought her back to them today.

They were shocked to learn that their uncle had molested Mary when she was only thirteen years of age. This had sent her on a spiral downward. She had told no one for the shame of it. Besides no one would believe that Samuel would do such a thing.

When they had heard it all, they were overcome with the thought of what Mary had to go through alone. With thanksgiving to God, they promised to care for her. They were so thankful for this man Yeshua. They had to meet Him. As God would have it, that happened in a rather interesting way.

Yeshua and His disciples were traveling in the area around Bethany, they often stayed at the home of Simon the leper, whom Yeshua had healed. Word of Yeshua’s preaching and miracles was spreading rapidly. The sick were healed, the blind received their sight, the lame walked and some were raised up from death.

Martha had gone to the shul to get some vegetables for supper. There He was, this one who had done a miracle for their Mary. Drawing near she listened, “I am the good shepherd.” He said, “I give my life for my sheep.” She had never heard such words as this man spoke. She must tell Lazarus.

Hurrying home she told Mary and Lazarus, “Never have I heard such words as this man spoke. You must come and hear.”

They watched Yeshua touch those who were hurting and saw them set free. When he placed his hands on those who were sick and diseased they were healed.

Suddenly Yeshua stopped, turning to Lazarus, He said, “Today I must stay at your house.”

Lazarus was overtaken with gratitude. Yes, he wanted that more than anything. “You are most welcome, sir.”, he said.

That was the beginning of many such visits. Lazarus was known as a friend of Yeshua. He regularly contributed to His ministry, being a wealthy man. Mary and Martha always ministered to Him as well. “He who is forgiven much, loves much.” These three knew the reality of those words.

Another time, another day, on the anniversary of her deliverance, Yeshua was in the house. Mary loved to sit at His feet and listen. She was like a sponge, she soaked up every word He said. This day her love for Him prompted her to use the gift of nard that Lazarus had given her when she came home. It was her inheritance from their father.

As Yeshua lay at the table with Lazarus and the disciples, Mary broke open the flask and began to weep as she remembered what He had done for her. She poured out the golden liquid upon his feet, wiping them with her hair.

One of the disciples, Judas Iscariot, scolded, “This is wrong. Think how much bread this would buy for the poor. This is a waste. It should have been given to the ministry and sold.” He said this not because he cared for the poor, but because he managed the money for the ministry and regularly took for himself whatever he wanted. He was a thief.

Yeshua spoke these simple words. “She did this for my burial.”

From that time on whenever the story is told, Mary is remembered for her sacrificial offering.

Yeshua ministered in and around Jerusalem and then in the Galilee. The opposition from the religious ruling class increased as time went on. They keenly felt their control of the people loosening as the masses turned to Yeshua. There was no refuting the miracles that were taking place. In their fear of losing control, they began to hatch a plan. But it required an insider. They had to figure out some way to make that happen. As it turned out they didn’t have to wait long.

Word came to Yeshua that his friend Lazarus had died. The disciples were ready to head out to Bethany right away. But, Yeshua was not in a hurry. He told them, “Lazarus is asleep and I am going to go wake him up.” They said, “If he is sleeping he will wake up.” Jesus told them plainly, “Lazarus is dead.”

When they approached Bethany, Lazarus had been dead for four days. Word was brought to Martha that Yeshua was coming, she went to meet Him.

“If you had been here, Lazarus would still be alive.” she said. Was she accusing Him? Was it His fault? He just didn’t arrive on time, Martha’s time?

What time was Yeshua keeping? This is an important question, one that every generation must answer. Martha was bound by time. God is not bound by time! You cannot put God in a box, any kind of box. He will break out of it every time.

Yeshua said to her, “I am the resurrection, and the life: the one who believes in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?” Her answer was yes, but. How often do we add something to a question of faith? A friend of mine would tell me: “Goats butt, sheep follow?”

Martha sent word to Mary that Yeshua was here and asked for her. She got up quickly and came to Him. All the mourners followed her.

“When Mary came where Yeshua was, she fell down at His feet.” “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” The same words that Martha spoke.

Jesus was moved by her tears, and by the mourners and he “groaned in the spirit”, and was troubled. “Where have you laid him?”, He asked. “Yeshua wept.”

There have been many commentaries written and sermons preached on this short passage of scripture, “Jesus Wept.” The viewpoints range from grief to anger; grief over the death of His friend, to anger at the lack of faith in Martha and Mary. The bottom line is that they didn’t know who He was. I think the correct viewpoint is all of the above.

What commences from here in the Biblical narrative is the raising of Lazarus from death. This was a monumental thing at that time; so much so that the chief priests and Pharisees convened a council to deal with it. They knew they had to do something about this man Yeshua. He did many mighty miracles which could not be denied.

This man Lazarus, according to a report they received, had been dead and now was alive. It appeared that the whole world was going after Yeshua; they came up with a plan, but It had to be executed quickly, this was getting out of hand and it must be dealt with soon

Caiaphas, the high priest for that year, said: “It is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, not that the whole nation perish.” “Being high priest he prophesied the death of Yeshua for the Jewish people.

It was Passover. The time when each family took a lamb into their home and cared for it until the day it would be the sacrifice lamb for their house.

The evening drew near and Yeshua told his disciples to go prepare the place that was chosen for them to share the Passover meal, the feast of unleavened bread.

When the time had come, all twelve disciples were there with Yeshua, He told them how he longed to eat this meal with them before his time of suffering came. As they were eating, Yeshua took the bread, broke it and gave it to them saying, “Take this bread and eat it, for this is My body which is given for you, do this in remembrance of Me.” Taking the cup of Messiah, he said. “I want all of you to drink from it. For this cup is the new covenant in My blood which is shed for you and for many for the remission of sins.”

Yeshua became quiet, then He said, “The hand of my betrayer is with me on the table.” They all began to question what he meant. Which of them would do such a thing. John, the beloved, leaning over on Jesus chest said, “Lord, who is it?” Jesus answered, “It is he to whom I shall give a piece of bread when I have dipped it.” Dipping the piece of bread in the wine he gave it to Judas Iscariot. After receiving it the Bible says, “Satan entered him.” No one at the table knew the reason he said to Judas, “What you do do quickly.” The Pharisees and priests now had their insider.

In the gospel of John, chapters 14-17, it is recorded that Jesus taught the disciples “The Way” to live as believers. His prayer for them and us is recorded in John 17:20-21 as follows:

I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word, that they all may be one, as You, Father; are in Me and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.”

God has not changed His mind. It is His will that believers in Yeshua, the one we English speakers call Jesus, be united in faith and love for Him and each other. God’s will is going to be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

Yeshua was betrayed, He was arrested, He was tortured, He was beaten, He was crucified on a Roman cross. God watched, the angels watched. Nature responded to Yahweh’s grief and anger at sin, earth shook, and the sun grew dark. Yahweh’s Son became sin; He had to pay the price to buy back humankind. Yahweh turned away to keep from destroying Him. It was the first time that they were ever separated. In great agony Yeshua cried out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” He bore the full brunt of punishment for sin, separation from His Father. His heart literally broke.

Lucifer, the adversary of God, was full of glee. He finally had Him, this man, this Son of God who tormented Him with His sickening displays of power. Now He would pay; He would pay for Lucifer’s loss of position and power in Heaven. He had Him in his domain, on his own turf. It was party time.

Lucifer did not know that it was a set up. He was in for a big surprise.

On the third day there was a rumble, thunder, he knew that sound, he shivered in remembrance. Suddenly, light burst into that dark domain, filling Yeshua with power and authority. Grabbing Lucifer, He took the keys to death and hell from him, stripped him of the authority he had over the earth, removed the beautiful gemstones that were part of his apparel, put a rope around his neck and paraded him through hell in the presence of all of his minions. When it was all over Lucifer lay stunned.

Yeshua then went into Sheol, the place of the righteous dead. This is the place the old testament saints went when they died. The prophets who had seen His day rejoiced. King David danced for joy. Yeshua then brought them to the Paradise of God in Heaven. They are there today, for many have been taken to Heaven and seen them.

According to scripture, Yeshua is the “first born from the dead”. That morning, the morning of the third day, He became a life-giving spirit, a born-again eternal man. This one who was The Word become flesh, who was the second Adam, became the substitute sacrifice for all man. After His suffering, death and resurrection, anyone who comes to Yahweh through Him can become a life-giving spirit and their destination upon death will be Heaven.

It was a beautiful morning in Israel. It was Spring and the flowers were blooming in Simon’s garden. Yeshua was alive and had conquered death, hell and the grave. Stooping down to smell the flowers, he heard a voice. “Sir, if you have carried Him away, tell me where You have laid Him and I will take Him away.” It was Mary of Magdala.

Turning around He said, “Mary.” She had thought He was the gardener, but it was her Lord, she was overcome with emotion. He was alive!. She wanted to touch Him, to worship Him, but He said, “Do not touch Me, I have not yet ascended to My Father; go to the others and tell them, I am going to go to My Father, to My God and to Your God.”

I believe that each of us is named by the Lord and in our name is the essence of who we are. Often in scripture a person is referred to in this way: Simon ben Judah. That is Simon the son of Judah. In some cultures a name may be Johnson or John’s son. In some cultures the first name will be last such as Yangi Cho Paul. I believe that no name is without the direct hand of God. While there may be a million Mary’s, there is only one you if your name is Mary, and all you are is in your name. You are unique and special.

There was a time in my life when I thought little of myself and thus those around me. It was a time of great misery and pain. In that time I was visited by Yeshua. He told me that He had named me Joy and that I was His joy. I can tell you that I was far from anyone’s joy at that time. He also told me that if I had been the only one who needed to be saved. He would have died just for me. Many times since, I have read that He has told others that He would have died just for them. Each of us is so loved. Corrie ten Boom said that God has a telescope and microscope interest in us. We are His desire and He loves us with all that is in Him. Incredible!

Yeshua was known in the community he lived in as the son of the carpenter, Joseph; he was also called the Son of David. Names are important and have meaning. They embody all that we are and will be. As I said, here there are many with the same name and yet when Yahweh speaks your name, only You will know it is to you personally that He speaks.

Think about when Yeshua called his friend Lazarus to come back from the dead with these words: “Lazarus come forth!”. How many dead people were there in Sheol with the name of Lazarus, yet only Lazarus from Bethany came back into his mortal body and out of the tomb.

Another thing I believe about this scene has to do with these words, “Don’t touch me, I have not ascended to My Father.” The Temple Institute in Israel has made items for the third temple. Among them is a large vessel that is round on the bottom. It cannot be set down. According to the guide, It catches the blood of the sacrifice. When the blood is caught in this container it is considered holy. It is to be taken into the Most Holy Place to be offered to Yahweh for the remission of sins.

I believe that Yeshua told Mary not to touch Him, because He was a Holy vessel, set apart and He had to take His blood to Heaven, where He poured it out on the mercy seat before His Father. When He encountered Mary, He had not yet ascended to the Father and to touch someone would have defiled Him. After He had been to Heaven He appeared to His disciples and told Thomas, “Touch me”.

I believe after His resurrection, when He ascended to Heaven with His blood, Yeshua came into the courtroom of Heaven to appear before Yahweh as judge. He made the case for canceling the adversaries earth lease, He made the case for what He had done on the cross being sufficient for anyone who would come to Yahweh through Him, and based upon what He had done and Yahweh’s will, authority would be given to those who believed and received in Him. I believe Yahweh said, “It is enough. Petition granted”

I believe this is the point at which the blood of Yeshua was placed upon the golden altar, the mercy seat, before the throne of Yahweh where it continually cries out, “Mercy, mercy, mercy.” Whoever will may come and receive mercy from Yahweh, the forgiveness of sin.

I have told you this story with this hope, that if you do not know Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth, you will be drawn to come to Him through the blood on the mercy seat and ask for forgiveness of your sin. Many think that sins such as smoking, drinking, gambling, prostitution, etc. will keep you out of Heaven. These things are of the flesh, of the earthly body, not the spirit. Human beings are living souls according to the Word of God. We were created with eternity in our hearts. Mortal human bodies will not be in Heaven when this is all over, only reborn humans with immortal bodies will be there.

By saying that a decision to accept Jesus is the only way to God and Heaven, and that sins such as I gave above will not keep you out of Heaven, It goes without saying, I think, that anyone who commits sins such as these, does not know God. It is not a matter of legalism, it is a matter of the heart.

If you have repented for wanting to live life your way, and received God’s forgiveness, your heart will desire to please Him in all areas of your life. We will always sin as long as we live here on earth. But, the sins of a person being led by the Holy Spirit will be less of commission and more of omission or ignorance of God’s ways; hence the need to learn and grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God.

Those of you who know the Lord have hopefully found my story entertaining and informative. If you are a student of the Bible, you know that I have taken some liberties with the Biblical narrative. Forgive me if that offends you. I have done so to make a point. The point being that God is at work in our lives from the time of our birth until we come ‘Home”. God loves us, oh how He loves us! May we be overwhelmed by the love that He has for us and choose to worship Him as did Mary of Bethany. He who is forgiven much, loves much. Amen!

Is That All There Is?”

“I just want to be happy.”, Those were your words.

Heaven’s View or Earth’s Vantage Point? That is the question. Where does our worth and value come from, what or who is the source?

I have been thinking a lot lately about the source of things. Everything has a source, a starting point. It seems to me that most human beings stumble through life by chance. Rather aimlessly allowing whatever comes to move them here or there.

I believe that without an understanding of the real source of life, a human being has little sense of his real value or worth.

I was thinking about the “High Road to Hell”, the path that leads to wealth, power and fame. The thing that strikes me about this path is that it appears to be a happy, carefree life. As my brother said to me recently, “If you have money, you can do anything.” But, there are some at the top of the heap that have found it to be, as King Solomon said, striving and vanity.

I heard the testimony of a quarterback whose goal was to have a Superbowl ring. He pursued excellence in football, striving to get the Superbowl ring and when he got it he still felt empty. The stories are endless. The masses searching for meaning; striving to find themselves.

Life does not consist of the abundance of what you posses, whether it is “Oscars”, “Golden Globes”, “Grammy’s”, “Dove awards”, “Superbowl” rings, mansions, yachts or jet airplanes. With every position of power and authority comes temptation. The highest offices in government, business, education, religion or entertainment will not fulfill the need that every human being has for God. Not ever!

When the super achievers lay their head upon their pillow at night, they are just another human being before the God who created them. All satisfaction evaporates in the light of truth. Identity and meaning are found in God.

And then, my dear one, there is you and your story. You are writing a chapter every day by deeds that you do and words that you say.

Our conversation sparked so many thoughts in my mind. My life experiences, my emotions, my love and my affection for you all caused my soul to empathize with you. These threatened to drag me down to the pit of despair, where I began to feel what you feel and see what you see. If I were to have stayed there I would have been of no earthly good. I chose as an act of my will not to let that happen, because God has a far better way.

That way is “The Way” and there is a Cross there. A cross is an instrument of death. Yeshua went to the cross willingly, he died there that I might live here. After death came resurrection. Redemption made the way for “whosoever will” to come to Him. I chose as a fifteen year old girl to accept His way.

In “The Way” is peace at last, and joy that no circumstance of life can change. And yes, there are moments of happiness in the happenstances of this life.

I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit. He helps me to see from Heaven to Earth. He calls out: “Come up higher!”

Looking down at the “Troubler”, I realize that God will not allow him to do anything to me or those I love that does not have a redemptive purpose. This is immensely comforting.

Your words tell me that you feel no worth, no value, no self-esteem. But, I suggest to you that it is quite the opposite. A man who rejects the God who created him has the highest esteem for himself. He is his own god, he decides what he will do, where he will go, what he will think. “God is not for me”, you say. But I submit to you that you are your own god. You decided to do life your way when you decided that God was not for you.

So my dear one. You made a choice. There are consequences. I would despair for your future, if it were not for the fact that I know God. I know that He has plans for you, plans to give you a future and a hope. He said so! I believe it.

The love that I have for you is unconditional, as I told you. I will love you as long as there is breath in my body. This is so, because it is the love of God, not my natural human love. I love because I am loved., this is the only possible way.

So, where to go from here? I told you that I hope some day you will know that God is real. I pray that you will know that you are loved by God eternally. I pray that you will know that God has a plan, a purpose and a reason why you are here on earth at this time.

The preponderance of evidence for the existence of God is there for the diligent seeker, but the skeptic will never find it, because he is not looking for it.

There is a “Troubler”, a deceiver, one whose sole purpose is to take captive every man, woman and child. His way is the way of deception, dismay, despair, disappointment and death. Consider the fruit.

Yeshua came that we might have an abundant life, a blessed life. That does not mean a life with no issues, no attacks of the troubler, it means that we do not have to go it alone. We have one who has come alongside, one who has come to live in us, one who helps us overcome when the attacks come. One who “sticks closer than a brother”. When the troubler comes we can say: “No, my enemy, you have no part in me and I have no part in you. “Shut up and leave now!” This is only possible because of our Savior and Lord, Yeshua the Messiah.

I will continue to pray for you as you are never far from my heart. I know that God is faithful, I have found Him so. I know that He will never leave you to yourself, He will be with you as you leave here to go to your new destination. And I know that at the right time your eyes will open, your ears will hear Him calling you to come, “Come Home!” and you will respond, “Lord I come!”.

Until that day, whether I am still on earth or “Home”, my prayers are before our Father in Heaven, as are the prayers of your parents, your siblings and any who will pray for you in the future, I believe with all of my heart that you will fulfill your destiny. I am counting on it.

I love you!