A New Year Begins

What will the New Year hold?  Some of us fear the unknown and thus even anticipating the future is scary.  Others of us look forward to what the future holds with anticipation.  The difference?  In my opinion it is who we trust.

A long time ago I met someone that made my future secure.  His name is Jesus.  The great thing is that I didn’t have to do anything except receive what He did for me.  It was so easy.

Yes, I said easy.  But….the process of coming to that place was extremely difficult.  Why?  Because no one comes to Jesus who has not come to the place where they realize that they cannot do anything for themselves.   It says in Psalm 78:39 that God remembered that Israel was “but flesh”.  We are all flesh…weak, silly, frail, fumbling, arrogant, prideful flesh.  There had to be a way to God, a way that we could follow someone who was perfect and thus be content in Him.

Every human being comes with a built in need to have someone to worship.  There are many people and many things that desire to have that place that God designed for Himself alone.  No person will be content unless that place is filled with God alone.  Substitutes fail, they must because they don’t fit.  Only the Spirit of Jesus fits the place designed by God in the human spirit.  When that happens flesh dies on the cross of Christ and a new man is born and the process of transformation begins.  Romans 12:1-2 

Like a new born baby grows, the newly born person also grows.  A baby does not strive to grow up, neither should a new believer.  The baby eats, sleeps, plays and interacts with this new world he finds himself in and so he grows.  A new believer eats the Word of God as recorded in the Bible, The Bible says that the “ear tastes words as the mouth tastes food”, so he goes to a church or place where he can hear the Word of God, he rests in what Jesus has done for him, he enjoys being with those who are of like mind and spirit, and so he will grow.

Lest you think that this process is a walk in the park without any troubles you may be assured that there are troubles aplenty.  However, Jesus said that even though “in this world you will have tribulation”  you can “be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.”

Here then is the key to success:  Trust in what Jesus did, not in what you can do.  Yield your whole self to Him and ask the Holy Spirit within you to lead you in the way that you should go.  As long as you do your part He will do His.

Scripture teaches us that darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness the people.  Every day the darkness of evil is growing in and upon people…natural disasters are increasing…governments are going more and more toward a one world government.  There is so much hurt and pain all around and sometimes, when we are ungrounded, it causes us to ask: “Where are you God?”

The answer is:  “The same place I was when they crucified My Son.”

Believe, my friend!  Trust God and focus on His Kingdom, for it is coming.  His Kingdom is Light.  Jesus said He was the Light of the World and we, who have been adopted into that Kingdom, are now to be Light, by His Light.

“And what about the future for the Child of God?  The Future is as bright as the promises of God.”  Adoniram Judson

Romans 8:37  “Overwhelming Victory is ours in Christ Jesus.” It says so in the back of the book and it isn’t over until it is over.

Believe in, lean upon and trust in the Lord; Receive His Word, It is the word of a gentleman of the strictest and highest honor, Commit your way to Him, Trust also in Him and He will bring it to pass, Rest in the Lord and wait patiently upon Him while He finishes what He started.

Joyfully His








One thought on “A New Year Begins

  1. I like what you said about the struggle we have giving our life to Christ but once the decision is made how easy it is to receive. It is so true. I can still remember the struggling and confusion that occurred in my soul keeping me from making Christ the Lord of my life. So happy I made the leap of faith!!! Welcome back to the blogging scene!! Looking forward to more posts.

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