Recycled, Disposed and Made New

Have you ever had one of those days when you did not expect to happen what happened?  The experience I had today was one of those things.

I am feeling emotional because My husband and I just returned from the recycling center where we dropped off three items that no longer worked and have since been replaced.

microwave imageOne of the items that we brought to the recycling center was my old Sharp microwave.  My husband purchased it for me in 1982  even though I didn’t think I needed it, I felt the same way about getting a dishwasher in 1981, but both items made life much easier for me.  We owned the Sharp microwave for over thirty years and only replaced the fuse a couple of times.


The next item that we brought to be recycled was the printer that I purchased when I bought my personal computer in 2002.  It was a Hewlett-Packard Photosmart printer and I used it every single day for all of those ten years.  It printed pictures, copies of whatever I wanted it to, and scanned numerous items.  If it was a person I would have said, “Well done, you have have been a good and faithful servant.”


The third, and last item that we brought was a DVD/VCR that we had for around fifteen years.

We pulled up to a small building in which sat a woman whose responsibility was to check what you were bringing in.  My husband rehearsed the list to her.  She repeated it back and told him that because the microwave is considered an appliance there would be a $15.00 disposal fee, but the other items were free.

He went through the rigmarole of showing his driver’s license, (why I don’t know) receiving the credit card machine into our vehicle, swiping the card and signing it.  He  returned it to the woman and was told that he should proceed to door 3 and the attendants would direct him what to do.

We drove up to the door, which opened by itself, and inside were two attendants.  I wondered if this job was monotonous as well as depressing, being a graveyard for used things as it was, and with that thought came a bunch of emotion to the surface and tears to my eyes.  The woman in the little house looked like she had been crying, the men looked sad.  Jesus, help them!

The door to the truck opened in the back and I heard a loud BANG, as first one thing was thrown into a bin, and then another bang, as the other thing was thrown in.  At this point I had tears in my eyes as I thought of how faithful these “things” had been to fulfill the purpose for which they were created.  They all gave long and faithful service.

Then, I saw the younger of the two attendants take the microwave to a very large walk in bin and steeled myself for the inevitable bang.  It came, a hard bang and it was done…over.  I looked around at mattresses stacked up against a wall and bin after bin of  “stuff”  no longer useful.  I was choked up…once useful things now throw away, or at best crushed and reused for some other purpose.

As we drove away from the facility, I told my husband, “Those things served us well.”  He has a wonderful recall memory and began to tell me how old each thing was.  We marveled at the length of time for each item.  What a blessing!

How many people after useful service are relegated to a nursing home or some other facility where their family hardly ever visits them…seemingly not caring or remembering the hours, days, months and years of productive service to them and the community that they were apart of.  Throw away people.  Have you considered this?  Maybe you are almost there or will be in a few years?

I think that the issue is respect and thanksgiving.  I know that things wear out and must be disposed of, and no doubt someone will call my ramblings silly, but to me, all of this is really about what God has done for us and our response to it.

We each come into the world with great promise, just as every new appliance or piece of electronic equipment comes on the market with promises to make life easier or better in some way.  Yet, for all of the “lemons” and all that is defective, whether people or things, the hope of the creator is that they/it will be a blessing to those whose lives they impact.

God created each of us…according to the Bible.  He is not only the creator, but He is also the manufacturer and not only that, He has given us the handbook that goes with His creation….The Bible.  Most of us don’t even bother to read the manufacturers hand book, we think we know better.  Parents don’t bother to read it.  If they did they might find out how God wants them to help their children to become useful and productive members of society, alas, we think we know better and we do it our own way…then the kids become teens and we wonder where we went wrong.

I determined not to be satisfied with the status quo,  I want to be open to new things, new ideas, all the while retaining God’s tried and true ways and His direction in the way that we should go.

My husband recently stopped smoking and he began to save the money he spent on cigarettes and with part of it he bought me the IPad that I had been desiring.  Blew me away, to say the least!  I am sooooo thankful!  What a blessing, how thoughtful and generous, how kind this wonderful person is that chose me to be his wife.

Most recently, we have thought about moving as we live on the second level and hauling groceries up the stairs has been quite a chore.  We began the process of looking into renting or purchasing, and with the help of a few people we were moving forward.  Yet each of us, independently of the other, was feeling hesitation and lacking the peace needed to proceed.

Yesterday, we brought the issue to the table and began a discussion that culminated with a decision to call off the search for a new home.  My husband felt that he was hearing that we should stay another year where we are.  This does not make sense in the natural as the interest rates are phenomenal right now and we could probably get a nicer place for less money than we are paying here.  However, we have learned that God is in charge and we are to follow the leading of His Spirit because He knows the end from the beginning.

So, to wrap this up, God will take care of us, He will bless us and the “things” that He provides…our job is to listen and obey His direction.  And, when the time comes when these bodies of ours are no longer useful in earth time, we will leave them here to be discarded and He will bring us home where all things are made new.

I hope you know that you are loved by God and that He has a great plan for your life.  If  you will listen and follow His direction obediently, you will be blessed.

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

Joyfully His, Joy


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