Andrew’s Song

 I received an e-mail from adoptingjames.  He and his wife are in the adoption process.  I am very familiar with that process as my husband and I walked through it many years ago.  The wait seems endless and the requirements unreasonable at times.  However, as the scripture says concerning natural birth, when the baby comes, the pain is not remembered.  If you  read this Andrew,  know that I am thinking about you and Sarabeth.  God bless you!

I love to write and have written a few small stories and I am also working on a book.  My cousin is a writer and has some published work; he told me how difficult it is to get into print.  I have been told to write by my Father, so I write.  Nothing has been said, so far, about publishing, though I have thought about how that would be possible.  I will keep being obedient to write as I was asked, and I trust that if I am to publish, He will see to that happening. 

Adoption is a lengthy process.  When my husband and I had been married six years, after having gone through many physical tests without satisfactory results, we applied for adoption.  We too, were to get a little boy.  However, right at the very end of the process, before the child was placed with us, my husband was relocated.
The state of California would not allow us to take the baby out of state for one year after placement and I was not prepared to remain there alone, so the adoption proceedings were cancelled.  To make a long story short, we were facing another adoption process in the state where we were going.  By the way, at this time we were in our early thirties and the agencies were not friendly toward placing a child in a home with parents past thirty…this was in the 70’s.

But God…  As it is written in 113:9:  “He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children.  Praise ye the Lord!”

In January of 1971 a boy named Jon was born.  In August of 1973 a boy named James was born.  A third child was conceived and miscarried in 1981, but that is a God-Story for another time!
Thank you Andrew, for following my blog.  I pray:   “God my Father, bless these two young people with the perfect child for them, may your will be done in them, with them and through them as they begin this journey.  Thank you, Lord, that you have chosen this little one and formed him in the womb, you know all his days when as yet there are none of them.  You are gracious and kind, full of love and tender mercy for us.  Praise you Lord!”   Psalm 139:15-16
In Him,

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