Mary Ann’s Song

An amazing thing happened to my sister Mary Ann……..

Mary Ann has had a difficult life.  She was married at 15 years of age to a man several years older.  He was on the rebound from a broken engagement, his mother wanted him to marry that girl and because of that she did not like my sister.  In fact, she barely tolerated her.  The marriage has never been good, but Mary Ann has remained faithful to her husband for over 50 years now.  It has not been easy.

Two weeks she began to have pain in her left shoulder and down her arm, she went to her chiropractor for an adjustment, but that it not help.  By Sunday night the pain was excruciating and she asked her husband to take her to the hospital.  The doctor ordered a battery of tests on her heart, all of which came back negative, her heart was fine.  He prescribed strong pain medicine and sent her home.

In a few days, she was again in so much pain she could not stand it, so she went to her family doctor. He gave her a different medicine and scheduled an MRI.  Several people told her how awful it was to have an MRI and she was frightened.  Her experience was quite the opposite.

When she got there the nurses made her very comfortable.  They put padding down for her to lay on, gave her a warm washcloth for her eyes and gave her headphones so she could listen to Christian music while the test was being done.  But, that was not the best part.  As she lay there listening to the music she began to talk with the Lord.  She told me of the conversation that she had with Him and it was indeed most encouraging.

She told me that the Lord held her in His arms and talked to her about her life and her family.  He assured her that everything would be fine, she was not to be anxious or worried about the cost of everything, that He would take care of it.  He told her that He would see to it that her family would all be saved.  He spoke of His love for her and she expressed her love for Him.  He assured her that everything would be alright.  I do not recall all of what she told me about the conversation, but when she had finished, she said to me, “Joyah, this applies to you too.  He loves us and wants us to trust Him, no matter what we see around us.  Everything is going to be alright.”  

It is also quite amazing the effect that this ailment has had upon her husband and one of her sons.  It seems that they are somehow softer and more open to hearing the truth.  She has had numerous conversations with her son in which she has shared many things about the Lord. 

It is so easy for our flesh to get excited and worried by the negative things that we see and hear around us.  Our senses are so reactionary.  Thank God for the Holy Spirit who brings peace and a calm assurance to our hearts when the world seems gets crazy and we want it all to just be normal again.

We must remember we are strangers and pilgrims here on earth, this is not our final home.  We have a home in Heaven prepared for us by the Lord Jesus.  Those of us who are alive and remain at His coming will join Him in the air as the scripture says.  Others of us will go the way of the physical body, our spirit ascending to Heaven at the death of the body.  In any case, as Paul says, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.

Praise God!  He is good to those who love Him.  His sheep hear His voice, they know the voice of the Good Shepherd.  How thankful I am that my sister knows His voice, it brought her such comfort to spend that time with Him.    It was a time which could have been awful for her, but it turned out to be the opposite, it was a blessing.  She has such peace now and calm assurance, she knows that all is well.

How is it with you friend?  Do you know His voice?  You can.  You can come to him just as you are.  No matter what you have done or where you have been, His love will receive you, wash you and give you a clean, new heart.  You can have a brand new start.  I can’t promise you a life without problems, but I can promise you the Lord will be with you through them.  Won’t you come to Him today?

God bless you,





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