“Time is money”, have you heard that statement?  From a natural standpoint some may find that to be true, but from a spiritual standpoint time is like money because you can spend it.

As I was waking up this morning I was praying and listening. In the wee hours of the morning it is somehow easier to hear and during the time between sleep and awake God often speaks to me or shows me things, so this morning  I began to think about time.  We are each given 24 hours to spend any way we choose.  We can choose to work or play, to be gainfully employed or be on the government dole.  (those who might read this who have no other choice but to receive assistance from the government, please do not allow what I am saying to condemn you.) 

We know that God ordained work for man after the choice Adam made to sin against the word of God.  The Bible says, “If a man does not work he should not eat.”  That is pretty clear.  There are those who refuse to work even though they are able to do so.  That is in clear defiance of the teaching of the Holy Spirit and we know that breaking the law brings penalties.  The law is unforgiving.

Enter the gospel, the good news…thank God for the glorious liberty of the sons of God that came through Jesus Christ.  We who are not under the law but under grace can be led by the Holy Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty, there is life, and that abundantly to overflowing…to whosoever will come and receive it.

Above all is love, above all is God who is love, He is over all and His eyes see, behold all things under the sun.  He counted the stars and called them all by name and He numbers the hairs on our head.  As Corrie ten Boom once said, “God has both a microscope and a telescope interest in us.

How do you manage your allotted time? 

I made a decision several years ago to give my time to the Lord.  I asked Him to lead me.  I wanted my time to be His time and for the most part, though being the imperfect person that I am, I yield to His leading.  It is a place of quiet rest, His peace prevails when I yield to His will.

Surrender did not come easily.  There were many years of striving; miserable, uncomfortable and sometimes joyless days and nights.  Perhaps I am too strong-willed, or perhaps dense or perhaps…just human.   It took Him years to get me to realize that Father does know best.

When my time became His time, I began to rest in the truth that He knows what is best for me and will lead me in the way I should go.  If I mess up, He will clean me up and He will clean up my mess.  He never, no never, condemns me, but He always corrects me.  He is a good Father.    

Work for man-kind takes many forms.  There are assignments that God gives to each of us, paths that we are foreordained to walk in.  Some of us spend our years wandering around trying to find what our purpose is here on earth.  Songs are written about it like the one Peggy Lee sang years ago, “Is that all there is?”.

Defining work can be difficult because sometimes what appears to be may not be at all.  I read of a woman whose assignment from the Lord was to worship Him and spend time in His presence.  She was a married woman and her husband took care of their natural needs, but to some it appeared that she was lazy and did nothing but sit around all day.  God is the judge, we are not.  We seem to need to run our mouths and meddle into things that are none of our business.  God help us!

When a person is in the place that God has called them, their natural abilities and giftings will come into play, but God will also give that person supernatural gifts and callings that he was not born with.  I think of Peter and Paul.

Peter was a fisherman, he was proud and impulsive, but when he met Jesus he became contrite and humble.  God used Peter’s natural boldness and leadership qualities, but he transformed them and gave Peter the assignment to bring the gospel to the religious Jews in Jerusalem.  Why?  Because it would be clear to them that Peter was an uneducated man, so that when wisdom and understanding of spiritual matters came out of his mouth it confounded the religious and caused them to wonder how he got this,, they “took note that he had been with Jesus”.  Selah!

The apostle Paul was an educated man, he “sat at the feet” of Gamaliel, a great teacher of the Jews.  He called himself a pharisee of pharisees.  His zeal carried him to persecute those who followed Jesus, some even to death by stoning, the penalty for blasphemy.  But one day, when the perfect time had come, Jesus appeared to Paul on the road and he was struck blind.  When we say I see and we are really blind, we may be blinded by the light of Truth until we see.  A deceived man does not know that he is deceived until Truth comes and sets him free.  Such was the case with Paul. 

Paul was a gifted man, a man of position and power.  He was well known by and approved of the High Priest, so much so that he had papers on his person to arrest any who were found to be in “The Way”, as Christianity was called at the time.  After Paul was arrested by Jesus, he went to the desert where he was given a visitation and revelation of the mystery of Messiah Yeshua and of the Kingdom of God.  This capable, educated man was sent to the unlearned masses.  He was a tent maker by trade and in the early days that was how he lived on the road.  He had no wife, he had no family, but God provided him with companions and spiritual children.  His life and teaching have impacted multitudes, in my opinion second only to Jesus himself.  God knows.

The Bible says:  “Make your calling and election sure.”  I take that to mean that everyone is called to come to the Father through Jesus and every one who chooses to do so is elected, has a place, in the Kingdom of God that has been prepared by our Father before the foundation of the world.  If we choose to spend the time that we have been given here on earth in line with God’s plan and purpose, then our reward is to be with the Lord forever and enjoy the blessings that our Father has prepared for those who love Him.

Given that these things are true, why would anyone want to follow after the way of the flesh, the way of man?  I cannot imagine.

So, friend, the challenge for you today is:  How do you spend the time you have been given?  Do you waste time, kill time, or abuse time?  A delivery man that came to our home yesterday told me of some youths with way too much “time on their hands” who used it to abuse others and their property.  God, forgive them and show them Your love so that their time might be redeemed here on earth and they would become contributors instead of destroyers.

Let us “make the most of the time” that we have.  Each of us has a life span, this mortal body is not eternal, it will die, thanks to Adam’s decision, but we can live life fully, making the most impact possible in our sphere of influence.  Let’s “invest our time” wisely, knowing that the day of accountability will come and judgment will be given according to what we have done during our sojourn on this planet.

God bless you!















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