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Joseph’s Story

Joseph was the youngest of 12 brothers.  No doubt Mom was tired and Dad was proud.  But, enough is enough and when Joseph was born they knew that was it, they were done reproducing.  Consequently, Joseph received a lot of attention and spoiling by his parents, the youngest usually does. 

The other brothers hated the fact that Joseph was doted upon.  The brothers all knew that he was their Dad’s favorite son because he made it obvious in so many ways, none the least of which was all of the “stuff” that Joseph was given.

When Joseph was 14 his Dad bought him an expensive leather jacket.  Simon, who was 10 years older than Joseph, wanted one terribly, but because he was still in college he could not afford one.  It irked Simon no end to see Joseph strutting around in his new jacket.  Joseph also knew that Simon wanted one and purposely flaunted it whenever Simon was home from school.

One night Joseph had a dream.  It was an interesting dream, but very provocative.  It seemed in his dream that he was a leader in a foreign country and his brothers had to come to him for help during a difficult time in their nation, his parents also were submitting to his authority.  He liked the idea that they all had to humble themselves and ask him for help so he made sure to tell the whole family his dream.  His Father scolded him and told him not to be so prideful, it was not becoming.  From that point on his brothers vehemently hated him and harassed him as much as they could, when their Father was not looking, of course.

Time went on, the family grew up, most of the brothers married and started families and finally, Joseph was the only one left at home.  His mother died quite suddenly when he was 18, leaving him with a decidedly huge hole in his heart.  His Dad tried to make up for the loss in his own life and for Joseph’s by taking him on a trip overseas. 

They were in the country of Hamilock when war broke out.  All forms of transportation were cut off and they were not able to get home.  There was nothing to do but to find a place to live and both of them needed to work.  Joseph found work as a handy man for a prominent political family in a city near the capitol where his Dad was able to get work as a janitor.  So began their sojourn.

In time Joseph’s good looks and personality opened many doors for him.  Joseph became so proficient that the family he worked for promoted him to manager of all of their affairs.  By this time Joseph’s Dad was longing for his sons and his homeland.  The war was over and with Joseph’s new position came wealth, so he was able to purchase a ticket for his Dad to return home.  They bid farewell to each other with tears. because they both knew they might never see each other again.

Joseph threw himself into his work.  By this time in his life he had had enough experiences that he was a different person than when they came to Hamilock.  He became proficient, responsible and committed to excellence in all of his ways because he had a profound spiritual experience in which Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, appeared to him in a dream and told him that he must give his life in service for Him, and if he would, God would raise him up to high position.  He realized then that the dream he had as a young boy would one day be fulfilled.

Portius, the man of the house that Joseph managed, was a Crousen, which is somewhat like a representative of the people to the governor of the state.  He had a lot of influence and was a very busy man.  His wife was a beautiful woman, much younger than he.  Some called her his “trophy” wife.  And really, they were not close at all; theirs was a marriage of convenience more than anything.  He was busy with politics, meetings, his clubs and soccer games.  Though she could possess anything she wanted, she was bored.  She busied herself with her friends most of the time or gave parties so that her husband could meet the right people to advance his career.  They had no children and little family.

Joseph was always aware and careful around women.  He had a job to do and he was faithful to the master of the house.  He did not covet another man’s wife, he knew that his God said, “Do not commit adultery”.  If anything could be said of Joseph, it was that he was focused.  Women were not in the picture at this time.

Semina, the wife, watched Joseph as he went about his business in the house, which by the way was more like a mansion than a house. Joseph’s good looks were more than many women could stand. They wanted him because he knew how to treat a woman with courtesy and respect.  He saw to it that Semina had what she wanted, he was a good provider.  She felt secure with him in the house.  Soon though, she could not take her eyes off him.  She told him that she loved him and she spoke to him daily about sleeping with her, but he refused.  Finally she hatched a plan to seduce him.

Joseph was going about his business as usual when she called to him for help.  No one was in the house at the time; she was in her bedroom.  She feigned illness so that he would come close enough to the bed and she could reach out and pull him down to her.  When he came close she grabbed for his jacket, but he struggled free and fled the room leaving the jacket in her hand.

Semina was a vengeful woman, she had been rejected and she would make him pay.  She now hated him as much as she had loved him.  Portius returned home that night to a weepy wife.  She spun her story of how this servant, Joseph, had tried to accost her while she was lying in her bed and all she wanted was some medicine.  She showed him Joseph’s jacket, which he recognized.  She told Portius she screamed for help, but no one heard her.  She wept profusely and Portius was furious. 

The authorities came to arrest Joseph for accosting and endangering Semina’s life.  He was put in prison where he languished for two years.  During that time he met a couple of civil servants whose dreams he was able to interpret.  The interpretation proved to be accurate and as a result one man was hung and the other restored to his position.  Joseph pleaded with the restored man to tell the story of his innocence to the governor so that he could get out of prison.  Alas, no help came.

A few years later Joseph was called before the magistrate to determine his release.  He had been a model prisoner, so much so that he had the rest of the prisoners behaving so well, that the authorities did not have to worry about riots, hunger strikes or such things.  The governor issued a pardon for Joseph and asked him to work in his own house, which he gladly accepted.  Working for the governor was a blessing for Joseph.  He learned a lot and his faithfulness was a blessing to the governor.

The governor ran for President of Hamilock and won.  He told Joseph that he would like his help running the country as he saw how capable he was in managing all of the affairs of his household.  Joseph agreed and he became The Charge de Affairs, second only to the President himself.  

Joseph had not seen his family for many years.  Many changes had taken place since he left home and came to Hamilock.  His family did not know of his high position in the government of Hamilock because he chose not to tell them.  There was yet some resentment in Joseph’s heart from the way his brother’s had treated him as a child.  But, he had his own life now, he was married to the presidents sister-in-law and they had two sons.  Life was good.

Drought came to Joseph’s old homeland.  All of his family were farmers.  Life was hard and they were running short of food.  It had been reported widely that Hamilock had plenty.  Talking among themselves, and with the encouragement of their Father, they contacted Joseph and asked for help.  He was not inclined to trust them and at first he refused.  They prevailed upon him with the argument that his Father was an old man now and he would not want to be the cause of his death.  Only then did Joseph yield to their pleas.  He not only sent food, but he also sent a token of his own wealth as well, revealing to them at that time what God had done for him.   They were shocked and saw how God had fulfilled the dream Joseph had those many years ago.

A short time later Joseph received word that his Father’s health was failing.  He brought his family over to meet him and his brothers.  His Dad pronounced a blessing upon each of his sons and upon Joseph’s sons as well.  Soon after that, he passed on to eternity.  Joseph wept over him and kissed him.  He was so thankful to have had that time in the old homeland with his Dad and his family.  He instructed his sons that when they were grown, it was his desire that they return there and be established among his family.

I Corinthians 4:2   “Moreover, it is required of stewards that they be found faithful.”

Blessings friends, Joyah

Genesis 39-50;  Psalm 105:17-19













Where do you get your water?

Today as I prayed for a man that I know, Jeremiah 2:13 came to mind.  This is how it reads in the Message Bible paraphrase:  “My people have committed a compound sin:  they’ve walked out on me, the fountain of fresh flowing waters, and then dug cisterns – cisterns that leak, cisterns that are no better than sieves.”  The King James version says it this way:  “For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.”

The man of whom I speak, attends church with his wife on occasion.  He knows “of” the One who lives, but does not “know” Him.  She knows Jesus personally and has given Him her heart and her life.  She has found “The Fountain” of life giving water and her soul is satisfied; she desires and prays that her husband would find the peace that only comes from knowing Jesus, the Fountain of Living Water.  Alas, a troubled soul has no peace, it constantly searches for something, it does not know what, it deadens itself with substances, or it runs from the aching void within, hoping to still the gnawing thirst of the soul.  Yet, God created man to only be satisfied with relationship with Himself.

How many people have “hewed them out cisterns” that hold no water?  There are many forms of cisterns people use to find comfort for their soul, but in the end they all crack and leak, because there is only one thing that can provide what the soul of a man needs.  That one thing is Jesus.

What is a cistern?  It is a holding tank for rain water.  If there was no rain, there was no water in the cistern.

When I was a child, I lived on a farm with my maternal grand-parents.  Outside of the house was a concrete holding tank that caught rain water, this was a cistern.  It was this water that we used to wash our hair.  I recall my grandmother putting salt into the cistern, she said, to make it soft.  In our day we have water softeners in our homes to which salt is added for softening. 

In the Jeremiah passage, God speaks of Himself as the Fountain of living water.  What is a fountain?  A fountain is like a flowing well.

Some years ago, my husband and I lived with our sons on a property that had several springs that fed a creek, which in turn ran down to the town below.  The towns people did not have to pump the water out of a well, they did not have to depend upon rain to fill a cistern, they only had to tap into the flowing fountain that came from the springs, and they had all the water they needed.

God has provided everything we need for this life on planet Earth.  He is the source of the Spring of life.  To drink from this well is to be satisfied, and as Jesus told the woman at the well, never to thirst again.  Yet, how many look to other sources for the satisfaction that can only be found in Him?

If you are among the disillusioned, if you put your head upon the pillow at night and feel that something is just not quite right, You may want to consider where you get your water.  There are many cisterns out there.  Their promise is sustenance for your life.  The problem is that once you have placed your trust in them, you are still thirsty and you feel like there is more…and there is.

Come to The Fountain, there is a vast supply,  if you are thirsty, you will not be denied.  Jesus is the Fountain of Life that our Father in Heaven has supplied. 

My prayer:  May you come to know Him who loves you more than you could possibly imagine.