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Opposing Forces

I was thinking about John 10:10 yesterday. It occurred to me that because the adversary cannot create anything new he perverts what has been created by the Creator. This is not a new thought to me, but as I meditated upon the scripture it opened up in a way I had not thought about before.

It is written in the Word of God: “I am the Door: anyone who enters in through Me will be saved…the thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows).” John 10:9-10 Amplified Bible

The being called satan or the devil is the adversary of God, but he is not equal to God in any way. He is like a gnat buzzing around your head, or like a worm that bores into an apple he worms his way into people’s thinking, corrupting and perverting it. He is a thief.

Some people do not believe that the adversary is real, but whether they believe or don’t believe they will deal with his spiritual army every day.

Jesus said that he is a thief and that his mission is to steal, kill and destroy. You do not have to look very far to find a whole lot of thievery, killing and destruction going on in the world.

Sometimes I understand things better in reverse…such as reading verse by verse from the end to the beginning. It is amazing the understanding that comes to me that way. This is what I received from John 10:9-10 doing that.

The adversary comes to steal, Jesus is the giver.
The adversary comes to kill, Jesus is life.
The adversary comes to destroy, Jesus is the restorer.

The adversary can only take; the only thing he can give is evil. Jesus gives life and restores what the adversary has taken. Death and dying, Life and living, that is the choice.

We live in a fallen world, a world whose system is under the influence and control of the evil one, all of us are subject to his influence, believers are told that we are in the world but not of it. We are told not to love the world or it’s way, but to love the Lord our God and His right way of doing and being.

Jesus words: “I am come that they may have life and that more abundantly.” Abundant is more than enough to meet needs and then it overflows. Does God lie? He says that He does not. Can we believe that He wants to give us overflow and restore what the thief has taken? Why not?

The mind of man, our intellect and reason are the biggest blocks to receiving from God. Reason says, “How can God provide for my need when I have no visible source of supply?”

A believer believes, he trusts in what he does not see and he believes what God said because He “watches over His word to perform it.” If God said it, it is better than any earthly commodity that we consider of value.

In the beginning God spoke and it was. His word created something out of nothing. He “calls things that be not as though they were.” Humans put God into a box of their own thinking, trying to make God fit into their mind box. He will break out of it every time. There are no limits on God!

It is written that “man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” How power full is God’s Word!

II Corinthians 4:18 (Amplified Bible) “Since we consider and look not to the things that are seen but to things that are unseen; for the things that are visible are temporal (brief and fleeting) but the things that are invisible are deathless and ever lasting.”

The unseen world is the reality, it is the realm where spirits operate, both Godly and ungodly. God wants us to know the reality of it and the adversary wants to keep us in the darkness concerning it. We call that bit of darkness “enlightened thinking”, but in reality it is the opposite, it is darkness.

There are two kingdoms operating in the unseen world: The Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness. A kingdom has a king, a ruler, God is the ruler of the Kingdom of Light and the being called satan or the devil is the ruler of the kingdom of darkness. Human beings are the target, the prize.

God came, in the person of His Son, into the world to become the sacrificial lamb. He took upon Himself the punishment, the judgment every man deserves for sin. He paid the debt we owed (under the law) for the debt we could not pay. He took our place and “God laid upon Him” the sin of the world. “It was the will of God to bruise Him.” He bore the guilt, the sin, the sicknesses, the weaknesses, the distresses, sorrows and pains of punishment that we deserved.

Every person who believes and receives what Jesus (Yahshua) did in their behalf enters into the Kingdom of light, God becomes their Father in Heaven and in Jesus name we have access to our Father at any time.

Psalm 89 Right and justice are yours oh Lord! They are the foundation of your throne. Mercy and loving kindness are ever coming from the light of your Glory. We rejoice in you our Savior, our God. We are your people and you are our God. All praise, honor and glory are yours our Father. Heaven is yours, Earth is yours, You are the shield of your people. Jesus, you are our King, the King of righteousness. Keep us oh Lord! You are faithful in all your house Jesus. Father, I remind you of the covenant in the blood of Jesus. Have mercy upon us, forgive our sins and heal our land.

Thank you Lord! Amen.