Recently a friend of mine asked for my opinion on something, she holds a responsible position for a prayer network and was asked to send an article out to her group. Asking my opinion is not unusual as we have a long standing relationship. She is a forever friend of mine as well as my spiritual daughter.

In the late 70’s my husband and our sons left our home state and moved to another because of his work. It really was a very fortuitous move in many ways, for it was there I met two of my forever friends, it was there that my Dad, who lived with us met Jesus, it was there my husband learned to put family before work, it was there I made the decision to make Jesus the Lord of my life and it was there that I gave up being a natural mother for being a “mother in Israel”.

Spiritual motherhood for me has been fraught with joys and sorrows, not unlike natural motherhood. I would not trade either. From the time I was sixteen years of age I wanted to be married and have a family. While others were interested in college or career my desire was to meet a Godly man, get married and have babies, lots of them. God’s plan for my life, and my choices however, pushed my desires off for ten years.

After a couple of moves, jobs in the banking and insurance industries, I found myself in California, a place I never planned on being. It was here that I met my husband, who was also a transplant from my home state as well. This year we will celebrate 50 years of marriage. We have two sons and nine grand-children. And, I have been blessed with many spiritual children as well.

As I said at the start of this piece, my friend asked my opinion on an article she had received. I began researching the subject, which basically was an accusation against what I call a Christian Star. Now, I am sure that most of us realize that when you become visible to the public you will become a target. It should come as no surprise. Google any big name and you will find negative commentary about them.

Having said that, most of the time we can just ignore the accusations. But, at this point on God’s time clock, accusers are coming out of the woodwork and polarization is happening rapidly. We know from God’s Word that there will come a separation between the wheat and the tares in the Kingdom of God, Jesus said so. We are not called to decide who is a tare and who is not. We are to be fruit inspectors.

Think with me about the nature of a person. We will say about someone, “She is so sweet!” or “He sure is an old grouch.” Why do we do that? Because who you are speaks louder than your words. You may not want to be a grouch, a crab, but who you are cannot be hidden, deep calls to deep.

Someone once said in response to Jesus command to be a witness “Witness to others and if necessary use words.” I recorded in one of my other blog offerings the poem about our lives being a “gospel” every day and “men read what you write whether faithful or true, say what is the gospel according to you?” Can you live a day without your very life shouting who you are?

Truth is, when I read the criticism leveled at those in ministry, those that the body of Christ has made stars, these that the people have put upon pedestals as if they are somehow perfect people, holding them to a higher standard, I wonder how we can be so blind. Surely there is an enemy agenda in here somewhere.

Well, there is, the “accuser of the brethren” is working to destroy! It began in Eden and it will not be finished until King Jesus turns the Kingdom of God over to His Father and God is all in all at last. The Kingdom of Heaven will come upon earth and all will be one.

I have no stomach for Christian apologists, as they are called. Why the name apologists I don’t know because you do not have to apologize or defend God or anything connected with Him. He is God! Enough said… Let us not judge before the time, God’s time. We are told that we will judge angels, is that reasonable? Not to my natural mind, but I don’t have to figure it out, thank God!

My advice when someone is accusing or criticizing, leave it alone or ignore it, certainly don’t enter in to it and for sure pray that their “eyes may be enlightened”; they do not know what spirit they are operating in. It is easy to wander into the enemy camp when you entertain condemning spirits, they are the open door for doubt and unbelief to enter in. Beware and watchful, the enemy of our souls is the accuser, don’t go there, that is my advice.

Have you heard this: “Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see?” The Accuser twists things, he is good at illusion, let’s be watchful. Why focus on him and his stuff, let us do what is written in Philippians 4:8, think on these things.

I pray that you will be blessed with joy in the presence of the Lord.

In Him,

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