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Identity Theft



Who are you?

When God looks at you what does He see?

How do you see yourself?

Does it matter how you feel, does it matter what you think?

I am reading a book by Brennan Manning called “Abba’s Child”. If you have not read it, may I strongly suggest that you do so.

Over the years I have read countless self-help books, books that offer counsel or suggestions. One that comes to mind is “Freedom of Forgiveness” by David Augsburger. The Holy Spirit is always on time with just the right tool, He truly is the “Helper”.

Some authors write books on a given subject because their publisher says that this is the “hot topic” at the moment. Others write out of their current experience and still others write because they have learned such a valuable truth from Holy Spirit that they are directed to share what He has taught them. I like all of them, but the latter type are the ones that “rock my world”.

Brennan Manning is an author that has found answers to many of the questions, thoughts and feelings that followers and disciples of Messiah face.

As I have been reading Abba’s Child, I have thought of many that could benefit from this book. How many of us have a perfectionist complex, a savior complex, to name just a couple of issues? The thing about all of the thoughts and feelings that beset us is, they all have a modicum of truth.

The adversary of God, our Father, and thus us, knows that we will not accept outright lies, but if he mixes a little truth with the lies we may just accept them.

Case in point: Tidiness. How many times in your life have you heard, “Cleanliness is next to godliness?” If you don’t keep a tidy house, accusation lives with you, especially if you have a friend that is a cleaning fanatic.

if you spend time watching a movie on TV (because you are exhausted) or talking with your neighbor (because your are building a relationship with her) instead of cleaning your house, you are bombarded with, “You’re lazy.” or “You procrastinate everything.”

Of course, if you go to the local soup kitchen and serve soup to the “down and outers”, with whom you cannot identify, you are doing a good thing and feel good about what you have done and your untidy house does not come to mind, what does come to mind is, “Why aren’t you doing more?”

You cannot win with the “Accuser”. Strife is his game and striving one of his favorite tools to keep you agitated.

What is the problem here? Is it not that you do not know who you are? Most of us have an identity problem. You can do all of the “good” things for yourself, your family, the neighbors, the poor, the sick, the incarcerated and still feel unworthy, useless, worthless.

Why are you here? Why now? Why at this moment in time are you on planet earth? Is there a purpose?

Why is it that all the good works in the world do not satisfy the gnawing in your soul, the dissatisfaction?

It is because of “Identity”.

Years ago there were no identity thieves. Have you talked to someone whose identity, meaning all of their money related things were stolen…credit and debit cards, drivers license, social security etc.? These things gain access to bank accounts and social security accounts. Scary, but not the real problem. Those that have experienced this use this word: “violated”. Identity thieves violate your identity.

There are more serious things than thieves who steal “stuff”. Stuff can be replaced.

What about the thieves that steal your heart, your soul? You cannot replace your heart or your soul, they are the only ones you have.

I had a friend whose soul was stolen because of low self-esteem. She has been put through the mill with programs and treatments and is no better. No matter what she is told about herself, she only sees that she is worthless, she can’t do anything right, she is a mess. Her true identity has been stolen.

There are many in the world whose heart has been stolen by the identity thief of religion, religion that subjugates them to the leader of their particular religion. They are told what to think, what to do, how to dress, even sometimes what to eat. Life is spent trying to be good, do good.

The law is not good news, it is a hard taskmaster; only the gospel is good news, only the gospel tells us that In Messiah we have been set free, free to be what God has created us to be.

Scripture says that when a thief is found out he must repay seven-fold. Sometimes, when it is your first offense, a judge will grant you leeway and give you much less penalty than you deserve. There is someone in my family that has experienced this very thing. The thing is…you now have to prove yourself; what if you are not changed, what if the very thing that got you arrested in the first place has not changed? Is there not the likelihood that you will be a repeat offender?

How often, in any given day, does God give us grace and mercy when we deserve judgment? How often do we take advantage of that graciousness, that love of our Father in Heaven and then continue to go our own way?

When Yahweh, God, looks at you who have believed on, trusted in and rely upon Yeshua, Jesus, He looks at you through the eyes of unconditional love. He sees you perfect…because you are “In Him”, a part of the Body of Yeshua on the earth. There is nothing you can do that would make Him love you more and nothing you have done that would make Him love you less. It is not about you. You are not the center, He is the center.

Where is your focus? What you gaze upon is what will possess your soul.

Do you know who you are, whose you are? If you know that you are “Beloved” because you are “In Him’ who is the beloved of His Father, then you know that as a child of God there is no condemnation for you.

The accuser has nothing in you when you know that the “Blood of Jesus” continually cleanses you of all sin and if you do sin you have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.” When you confess your sin to God, through Jesus finished work for you, He forgives you and cleanses you of all sin.

If you have found that you have given authority to an identity thief, go to God and ask for forgiveness, He will forgive and cleanse you. You have a God given imagination, use it to see yourself free from the thief and right with your Father.

Jesus is coming back some day, it could be soon and it could be later, that is not up to us, our part is to be ready at any time so that event does not come upon us like a thief.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want any door, natural or spiritual open for the thief to come in and steal. Prepare friend!

Jesus and I love you,

Can you identify?

If I went by what I feel, I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning some days. Paper bag days is what I call them, days when I cannot see past the end of my nose. Can you identify?

Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you when you are expecting and prepared for a slider. It is the unexpected that causes us to get off track. Can you identify?

In the last six months two people from my fellowship have been bereaved of their spouses, these folks had no clue that this was going to happen; it was sudden and unexpected. They are not there to share life with you any more. How do you recover from something so permanent? Can you identify?

Some spouses are living their lives, raising their children, doing the best they can, when one day their spouse announces, “I don’t love you and I want a divorce.” They did not see that coning and their world falls apart. Can you identify?

Your son is a patriot; because of his love for and commitment to America, he joined the armed forces to defend her. One day a soldier walks up to your door and tells you he was killed in battle. Memories flood your soul. He won’t be coming home. Can you identify?

Jesus said, “In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.”

Unless you know that you know that God is good and there is no darkness in Him, you will not be able to overcome the dark emotions that flood your soul. The loss of a spouse or a child will seem like the end of the world…unless your trust is in God through Jesus. It is only through Him that you can reconcile the tragedy, the tribulation, the testing and the trouble that comes your way in this world.

We forget so quickly the peace, the joy, and the pleasures God provides for us when one of the big T’s come upon us and overtakes us. We are weak and prone to wander away from Him.

We humans are the same from the beginning in Eden and will be until the end when the Kingdom of God comes on earth as it is in Heaven. We need a Savior. Thank God for Jesus.

“Amazing love and can it be that you my God should die for me.”

Do we deny the hardship of betrayal or death? Absolutely not! Nor do we deny the hurt, the pain, and the grief that comes to all, the difference for those of us who are His sons and daughters is that we are not alone when we go through these things, we can choose to lean on, rely on and depend on the one who loved us so much that He gave His life for us.

“In this world…”, We are in this world, we will go through things because this world is not perfect, nor will it ever be perfect because everything here is only temporary. We will all die, we are all unfaithful to God our creator…but He is never unfaithful to us.

The confession of the Body of Messiah: “I believe in God the Father, the creator of the world and all things in it, I believe in God the Son, my Savior, who gave His life that I might have eternal life with Him, I believe in the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, who has come to earth to make His home in me.”

I believe this, and as I meditate on it and confess it, my focus shifts from the natural to the spiritual. I am comforted because I am cared for, I can rest in His love for me and I am helped.

How about you? Can you identify? If you can’t, won’t you consider Jesus who left the splendor of Heaven, was born into a world torn by strife, who went about doing good, healing all who came to him oppressed by the devil; He was murdered, buried, descended into Hell and on the third day rose from the dead, He ascended into Heaven where He lives to intercede for His Body on the earth. He will return again to earth at the time set by the Father and those who are His will be gathered together and brought to Heaven.

Consider Jesus. He loves you. He cares what you are going through.

Great tribulation will begin once the people of God are removed. Scripture teaches it. It is the truth. The Great Tribulation will be a time of trouble upon the earth, such as has never been nor will ever be again, because the wrath of God will be poured out upon those who refuse to acknowledge that He is God. Is the fear of God in you? If it is not now it will be then.

Today is the day of salvation, if you have not received the greatest gift ever given why not now, why not today? He will hear your cry to Him and you will be changed in a moment, you will become a son of God. Reach out to Him, He is reaching out to you. Give Him all, He gave all for you.

Praying for you today…Joy