Secure in My Insecurity

Dear Friend,

Of late I have been pondering this matter of insecurity. It seems to me that women are particularly troubled with this problem, and I have seen it as a problem.

For a lot of years I have read and studied the Word of God and one thing I am certain of is scripture makes it plain that there is nothing that can occur in our lives that is beyond God’s love and ability to handle.

The Problem is not on His end, it is on ours. I have read many articles, listened to many tapes and heard many CD’s that should have settled the issue that all believers can rest secure in God’s love, pardon, care and keeping.

How many of us, myself included, have quoted this scripture: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”, and this one: “If God be for me who can be against me?” Still, we feel insecure when the things of life assail us. What is going on here?

Many of my friends are in the Caleb generation along with me. You recall that Caleb came to Joshua when he was in his 80’s and said, “While we were on our way to the Promised Land, there was that issue of whether or not we were able to go in because there were giants in the land, I, along with you, gave Moses the good report that we were well able to do it because the Lord was with us. Well, you know how that turned out, but I am here today, 40 years later, and I am just as strong as I was then; I want the inheritance that I was promised. Moses said that I could have this mountain, give me what is mine.”

Caleb’s faith is like Abraham’s faith. They believed, they trusted in God, they leaned on Him and they relied upon Him and not themselves.

Recently this phrase has been coming to my mind: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” Are we doing that? Or, are we being religious, are we like the lukewarm people that John spoke of in the book of Revelation; salt without saltiness only worth being thrown into the street?

For years many of us have been in the so-called “Faith Movement”, we are faith people. But are we? When “stuff” happens what do we do, what do we say?

Are we wearing our full armor? Those of us who call ourselves Christian wear the helmet of salvation, many of us have determined that is enough. Probably most of us have on the belt of truth. Some of us have on the shoes of the gospel of peace, but how many of us have on the breastplate of righteousness and know how to use the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit?

I once heard Myles Munroe teach on righteousness. He called righteousness “God’s way of doing and being right.” With that definition, it is my opinion, many of us are not living the life, but only giving lip service to it. Could this be the reason that when we are afflicted in some way we revert to living off our feelings, our emotions instead of living by faith?

We whine and cry, moan and groan about how unfair life is, as if in this fallen world we should escape the curse and live as if Heaven is on Earth. Jesus Himself said we would have trouble in this world and Paul added suffering to that. Are we prepared for this? Many believe it is coming soon.

Another aspect of this security/insecurity issue is gender. In the Bible I see that most of the focus is upon men, not women. Jesus 12 disciples were men, those closest to Him. I also see men in positions of authority in the Old Testament.

I am not saying that women have no place, nor that women cannot be gifted by God and used by God, but there is an order that if observed brings blessing. My own pastors are a wonderful example of the principle of God’s order. Pastor Sharon is called to lead the church, but her husband preaches and helps in the ministry all the while maintaining a business. There is a marvelous balance and order in the church because each of them knows their place.

Oh yes, I have heard the sermons and read the articles about women staying in their place as Paul taught in the Word, but contextually and culturally that argument doesn’t hold water.

I believe that God holds husbands responsible for everything pertaining to life and godliness in the family. The husband is to be the head of the house. That means the the one who has the final word. The wife is his helpmate, she is not a doormat, nor is she to “wear the pants” in the family.

In everything in life there are ditches on each side of the truth and it is easy to get off course. Thank God for the Holy Spirit who will bring us course correction, if we will listen.

We have only to look at the newspaper or listen to the news and we can see the breakdown in society because God’s order is not being observed.

In our society, with women’s rights, the lines are blurred. These days a female can do about anything a man can do and they do. It has not always been so and in most of the cultures in our world it is not so today.

During my time on planet earth I have seen women’s rights, equal rights, and every other kind of right pushed upon society. It seems to me that the issue of rights has pushed God out and invited in a “mess of trouble”. It looks to me like the world is headed for a confrontation with Almighty God and we know who will win that battle.

So, dear female friend, where do you find yourself in the big picture? Are you overcome by the circumstances? Are you just barely holding on to your sanity? Do you wonder where God is in this picture? Somebody moved, was it Him?

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” You go to church, you read the Bible, you ask Him for help and help does not seem to come, so what is wrong? You just don’t feel close to Him, you feel alone at times. What is the answer?

Could the answer be that we never had the fire of God from the start, we have been “religious”, we know how to do but we do not know how to be? Or could it be that we have grown lukewarm over the years and God is not “real” anymore. We have moved away or moved on and God does not follow the backslider, though He loves them.

Has God disappointed you? Would you admit that you have felt that way? What about the prayers, the request you made for help and you wonder if He heard you? Can we be honest and admit that life has not always been what we thought it should be. What is going on?

We may feel insecure because God does not fit the picture that we have painted of Him in our mind. We have tried to make the creator of the Universe fit into our brain, our thinking, our understanding. Could it be that our God is too small?

“Draw near to God.” Did you notice this is a command? “You” is understood as in, “You draw near to God.” What does that mean, how do you draw near to someone you cannot see, hear or feel? There is the crux of the matter. Seeing is not faith. You cannot draw near to God in Heaven in your human body, no man (human) can see God and live according to the scripture.

As a carnal man, a man who does not know God or His ways, I must come to God in Faith. Faith in God is receiving Him even though I cannot see Him. Even though I do not know Him, I must believe and receive Him by faith. I must choose to lean my entire being on someone I cannot see, hear or feel with my natural eyes, ears, mind or emotions. For some this is untenable.

You cannot come to the place of faith without conviction that you are a sinner and you need a Savior. No one comes to God who is secure in himself. No one is good enough, nor can anyone ever do enough to be able to stand before God and declare himself right with God. Only one man has ever done that, the man Jesus the Messiah of Israel.

Have you come to the cross where Jesus died for you? Do you realize that you must die to yourself in order to live for Him. Flesh is strong, self will take us down the wrong path, it is a path away from God. Choose God’s way of doing and being right that you may live now and in eternity in the Kingdom of God.

For several months last year I kept hearing the word focus. As I listened and studied that word, I realized that our focus determines our destination. If you don’t know where you are going you won’t get there. Focus is like putting an address into your GPS so you can get directions to where you are going.

When the trials, trouble, tests and tribulations of life assail us, we will miss hitting the mark unless our focus, our faith, is set upon the only one who can guide us through the storms of life, Jesus Christ the righteous. Let us turn from our beggarly self to Him; make Jesus your focus and He will guide you through whatever comes.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Though my feelings may shout loudly, “You are insecure.” The Word of God tells me when I am weak He is strong. I choose to focus upon Him; He is my God in whom I trust. I am secure in Him. it is enough. I trust you are the same.

Love in Him,


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