Ivy’s Story

I had the most unusual experience today, it was serendipitous for sure!

As you walk through life you meet people every day, some of them you greet with a, “Hi, how are you?”.  There are other people who you just smile at in passing and others you don’t even see because you are preoccupied with your own thoughts.  And then, there are a few where meeting them causes something in you to “click”; and you are immediately comfortable with them.

Today began pretty much as a Sunday does except that I was feeling pretty heavy laden in spirit.  Yesterday I kept Shabbat.  I really needed it.  Since Christmas I feel like I have had an incredibly full calendar, so much so that time to just rest or read was a luxury.  If it wasn’t the daily chores of keeping up a home and keeping my husband happy, I was reaching out to others and doing the extra-curricular things I do.

So, yesterday I began reading a book that I got from my cousin.  It is called, “Dispatches from the Front” and is written by Tim Keese.  Years ago I attempted to read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and could not make it through.  I decided in order to make it through Keese’s book I would lace it with a little of Jase Robertson’s book “Good Call”.  And that was helpful, however, I came across a story in Keese’s book of a Mom and seven sons who were murdered, but not just murdered, tortured, incredibly tortured.  It was too much.  I think grief just came and sat on my shoulder.

I know that there is persecution, torture and martyrdom going on in real-time, not just what is in Keese’s book, but I have chosen not to look upon these things because of the torment I feel for the people, sometimes you have to protect your heart

I said all of that to say this:  It was with a heavy heart I started this day but by the end of the day my heart was singing and rejoicing and declaring:  “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!”

After church my usual habit is to go to lunch with friends.  We have such a wonderful relationship and are comfortable with one another, so it becomes very enjoyable.  Today was no exception.

As I was heading for home I felt prompted to see if I could find the home of a lady I had met at church that morning.  I will call her Ivy.  She told me the general vicinity where she lived and had mentioned the street name.  That was all I knew.  I did not even know her last name, but when you have a divine appointment and are trusting Holy Spirit He will lead you, and lead He did…right to her.

For about an hour and a half we talked like we had known each other for years.  We found much in common, including the fact that we each have a son who is not walking with God as he should.  We acknowledged that they were in the Lord’s hands; He is good and faithful and will keep His Word to us for their salvation and deliverance.  Praise Him!

Ivy told me of her youth in Louisiana, her early marriage and the troubles with her husband and his untimely death as a very young man at a time when they were separated.  She spoke of moving to the north country, first to a major city by a Lake and then to Twin Cities farther north.  She wanted to be near her daughter and this made her daughter happy, as she missed her Mom.  Soon her son was with them and things were not so good with him.  How hard it is for a Christian Mom to see her children in the far country knowing what peace and joy there is in the Father’s house.  Ivy’s heart longs for her boy to be free to love Jesus, to know Him as His own Savior and Lord.

As Ivy and I talked together, we began to see that we had a lot in common.  She is a prayer like I am.  Her love for Jesus is strong, like mine and we have both had some very difficult things to deal with in our lives.  Yet, in all that we spoke of there is a deep abiding peace and joy that can only come in relationship with our Lord Jesus.

As I got out of my car, I noticed a book in the door pocket, I reached in to pick it up and just sensed I should bring it with me into the building.  The incredible timing of the Lord is amazing.  The time was getting close to the supper hour and I knew our time together was winding down.  I reached over and handed the book to Ivy, she looked at the title and saw the word, “Restored” and clasped it to her breast.  She told me that she had placed her hand upon her son’s head and told him that he needed to be restored and now here was this book.  She was in awe of God’s perfect timing.

The next thing that happened was that her son walked into the room where we were talking, we chatted for a moment and I gave him the book, telling him that this book was the story of Maurice Sklar who was a Jewish man who played the violin, had attended Juliard School of Music, had a promising career in the secular world and gave it all up to follow Jesus.  He received the book with interest.  When he left the room she told me that in prison he had been given the holy book of those who are now beheading people who won’t follow their religion, and he had been reading it.  We prayed together for our sons and it was powerful.

To say that Ivy and I were quite overwhelmed by everything that had just taken place is an understatement.  As I drove away from her apartment building all I could say was, “WOW!”

I don’t know if this event of meeting with Ivy is the beginning of a “forever friend” relationship or not, but I do know that it was a God appointment, of that I have no doubt.

I hope you enjoyed Ivy’s story.  It has been a blessing to me.

love to you dear ones,



One thought on “Ivy’s Story

  1. What a wonderful meeting you had with your friend! Such a comfort it is to spend time with people with similar experiences. I am so glad your spirits were lifted and your joy returned😊 Kathy

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