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There Is A Wedding In Your Future

Kevin and Kandace announced their engagement yesterday at church. I believe there is more to this than two people getting engaged.

This couple reminds me of the movie, “Yours, Mine and Ours”, the story of Frank Beardsley and Helen North. There was some hesitation about dating because both of them had several children. But ultimately they began a relationship that ended in marriage. It was not without issues, but the marriage was good and the movie was entertaining.

In the Psalms of David it is written: “I have been young and now am old, yet have I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread.” Psalm 37:25. My point is that God takes care of His family.

There have been times during my tenure here on planet earth, that I have heard: “Jesus is coming soon!” God is faithful and He is patient; He has shown His children in every generation that we must expect and wait for the coming of the Jesus our Bridegroom for His Bride, the church.

The engagement of Kevin and Kandace, while it could be viewed as a natural progression of the relationship, I see in it something beyond the natural realm, I see a spiritual application, a forerunner, if you will.

Every manufacturer makes a prototype of his product. In every move of God there was a forerunner. God does nothing without revealing it to His prophets, according to the Bible.

In recent times many have read Jonathan Caan’s book, “The Harbinger” about the signs that accompanied the downfall of ancient Israel that are now appearing in America. Each of these signal that something is happening, but you have to have eyes to see. Something is coming, get ready, because it is on the way, even if you can’t see it, don’t want it or don’t like it, it will not matter, change is on the way.

The engagement of Kevin and Kandace is such a signal, in my opinion. Here is the story: Years ago each of them married someone else and in the course of the marriage had several children; for reasons I won’t go into, they each divorced. This was heart-breaking, of course, but God is faithful and brought comfort, hope and help.

One factor that plays a huge part in their story is that both of them are worshippers who love God with all their heart and desire to serve Him.
Kandace is part of the worship team at church, when she dances before the Lord, it seems to me that her feet barely touch the floor, such grace, such beauty! I sense His pleasure in this. It is not unusual to see Kevin on his face on the floor poring out his heart in worship and love to God.

Our Lord Jesus, the Son of God, son of man, loves and honors His Father, and in obedience to Him “Endured the cross despising the shame”….in order to “Bring many sons to Glory.” He is waiting for His Bride and the sons and daughters of God are waiting for the appearing of the Lord Jesus to enter in to the marriage supper of the lamb.

The Heavenly bridegroom is betrothed to His bride at the will of the Father, He has been making the marriage supper ready and when all is prepared Jesus will come for His beautiful Bride, who has “made herself ready” to meet Him.

We are born into a fallen world, each of us go our own way, each of us need a Savior, it is how God created us. We “Find Him finding us”, as it says in the poem, “The Hound of Heaven”. We receive what Jesus did for us at Calvary and the process of salvation begins.

A process is involved, as I said, in manufacturing as well as in the Kingdom of God. Kevin and Kandace are children of God and part of that beautiful Bride who awaits her King. They are also waiting to be joined together in Holy matrimony as Jesus is waiting to be made one with His Bride, The Church.

There is a verse in the Bible with this phrase: “Joy unspeakable and full of Glory.” I see Kevin and Kandace’s relationship as a forerunner of Jesus and His Bride.

I believe that God is going to be putting together many couples. I believe that there will be those who wonder at who He couples together. I believe it will be a signal that the marriage supper of the Lamb is drawing near. I am expecting many marriages in the next few years, especially among those who have been told that God has someone for them while in the natural it appears as though it is past time. God is faithful and always on time.

I will be waiting and watching, will you?

” Look up your redemption draws near.”