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What do you think of when you hear the word responsibility?

For my purposes here I am selecting part of the meaning.  (if you require the full meaning I refer you to the Miriam Webster dictionary online.)


“a duty or task that you are required or expected to do.”

“something that you should do because it is morally right, legally required, etc.”

Responsible:  One who is…

“able to answer for one’s conduct and obligations.”
able to choose for oneself between right and wrong.”
It has come to my attention recently how irresponsible most people are.  It starts close to home when in the smallest things we don’t take responsibility, such as our own body.
We have been given a body to live in while we are on this earth.  The fall of man in the garden Eden affected the whole human race.  The body of flesh was affected as death entered in to the human race.
It is clear that every person has eternity in their heart.  Young people do not think of death or dying, and when death or sickness or disease show up on our doorstep we are shocked and sometimes angry; yet the human body wears out and we all fight the ravages of time and our own choices.  This sign of the curse on mankind came as a result disobedience to the command of God in Eden by the first man, Adam.
Choices…we make them every day; some choices we make are immediate and life changing and others change our life in the long run.  But, even a seemingly small decision can have lasting consequences because we are complex beings.  Our spirit, our soul and our body are all connected to each other.  A decision made in one affects the other.
Each of us has a unique to us personality, a unique fingerprint, a unique DNA.  All of this, and more, comes together to make us who we are.  God created us in our mother’s belly.  He decided long before we were born who we would be.  Each of us differs from each other.  Yet we are all created in the image of the first man Adam, who was created in the image of God before the fall.
I know a set of identical twins, and if you did not know them and saw them together you would not know which is Kira and which is Michele.  Their voice, their face, their hair, their walk appears to be identical, yet each of them is distinct when you get to know them.
It appears that in some areas we are predisposed to be or do certain things.  Again, with twins, I have heard and seen stories of twins separated at birth that have chosen the same clothes, like the same things, and have the same mannerisms.  These are things that cannot be explained by close contact.

However, when it comes to the area of responsibility, each person is accountable, ultimately, and will answer to only one, and that one is God.  With that being said let’s look at some areas where we are responsible and some where we are not.


We are responsible for what we do in, with and through this body we live in on the earth.  We can have good quality physical health if we take care of our body to the best of our ability.  Things such as food, water, sleep and exercise affect the body and it is wisdom to give attention to each area so that we can have optimum health.

It is possible to become focused on one area and become obsessive, this brings imbalance and ultimately will create problems.

Example:  Young people being young and irresponsible, for the most part, do not think about what they put in their mouth, and because of those choices they will bear the consequences immediately or in the future.  You cannot put oil into a gas furnace and expect a good outcome.  Neither can you feed your body hamburgers and fries all the time and expect good health.

In our current culture there is much emphasis on exercise and fitness.  Many of us are members of a gym and are told that we must exercise three times a week.  We pay a lot of money for high-powered energy drinks and supplements to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

There are others who have real sleep issues such as sleep apnea, and they struggle to get a decent nights sleep.  They end up having to wear a device over their face when they go to bed.  Others find it necessary to take a sleep aid, many use drugs and yet others prefer a more natural route using melatonin.

The issue of clean water is such that a whole industry has sprung up offering “pure” water.  This can be anything from an in house system, to bottled water, to finding a source for spring water and bottling it yourself.

I believe that food, water, sleep and exercise are important and necessary for the human body to function optimally.  But, have we put the cart before the horse?  Man is first of all a spirit, who has a soul (mind, will, emotions) who lives in a body.  This is God’s order.  To establish God’s order is to walk in health even if every thing is not perfect in the natural realm.

Every day we make decisions about our life, some big, some small, but always we decide what to do with our body, soul and spirit.  Most of us are ruled by our body, some of us by our soul and a few of us by our spirit.  We are all responsible for our decisions, now or later.

When we do not take responsibility for ourselves, but give that to someone else, we will suffer the consequences of that action.  Man was created for God and by God, for family.  Jesus told us that God is a Father, “Our Father who is in Heaven”.

Final authority belongs to God.  We will all answer to Him.  It is to Him, and He alone that we must answer for what we did in the body on the earth.  We are responsible for ourselves and will answer for ourselves.

Recently, I made arrangements to meet someone.  When they did not come to the place they had appointed, I was asked to go to their home.  Though my time window was limited, I went.  When I arrived I found that the person was sleeping.  An attempt was made to get them up by someone in the home, but they did not respond and I had to leave.  I learned later that the person who tried to awaken them was blamed for letting them sleeping through my visit.  This is a prime example of making someone else responsible for your own behavior.

No one is an island, no one stands alone.  Every decision we make will not only affect us, but inevitably will affect others.  God would have us be responsible for ourselves, first of all to Him and then to those around us.

Right and Wrong.  Legal and Illegal.  Moral and Immoral.  Obligations and Requirements.  Each decision we make in these areas will have a ripple affect.  To be lazy, unproductive, slovenly, immoral, has consequences, for our body, yes, but also for our spirit man.

Have you heard:  “You are what you eat.”  “Beauty is as beauty does.”  a platitude such as this can be an opiate for the soul and can prevent us from seeing the real issue as we glibly quote it.  Where is the focus?  Who is the focus?  We are responsible for what we eat, for what we put on our body, but God never intended for us to be ruled by our body.

This is such a huge subject, with so many ramifications that it is impossible to cover it all.  My desire is to get us to think, to think about being responsible for ourselves, accountable to God, not relying on or being dependent on another person.  It is all too easy to blame, criticize, find fault with someone if we place them in a position that they were never intended to fill.  Jesus is the perfect man, there is no other.  He alone can be trusted.

When we come to the place where our lives are in shambles because we have had our priorities all wrong, we find God has been chasing after us desiring to love us to life.  We can come to Him in whatever state we are and He will love and accept us that way, without condemnation, and begin the process of cleaning us up and setting things right and in order.

Most of the time believers fight Him in the process because of baggage of the past, the junk of the world, the devil and the flesh.  Self-loathing is a big deal, one that keeps us from moving forward into freedom.  We have issues with fear and anger as well, all the while God is telling us to let go, forgive and let Him fill us with His presence.  Jesus is the healer, the last Adam, He has made the way for healing of the body and soul through His blood shed at Calvary’s hill.  Forgiveness of sin has been offered to whosoever will come to God through Jesus sacrifice.  “His hands are stretched out still”.

If you have never made Jesus the Lord of your life, do so today.  Today is the day of salvation.

If you are a believer and find that your priorities are not in line with God’s way of doing and being right, then today is the day to get into alignment.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.  May the Lord look upon you with favor and may you respond to the love He offers with a, “Yes”.  This is my prayer, in Jesus name.  Amen!