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And God Said…

January 2018 in the Divided States of America….

1:30 A. M. the 31st day of January 2018, I woke up abruptly.  ‘Lord, why am I wide awake now?’  I lay in the bed for another 15 minutes,  I finally got up and came into my prayer room.

God had something to say.  I grabbed my pen and my journal and began to write what I was hearing as fast as I could.

I had heard these words in 2016:

“There will be war, but it will not be what you think.  It will be war between dark and light, good and evil.” 

This day in 2018 I heard this:

“I am going to judge everyone based on their reaction to my plans for America.”

“I have come down to engage personally with Donald John Trump.  He will hear from me as clearly as anyone in that House has heard.”

“I intend to move in ways far greater than any other time in the history of America.”

“I will leave no stone unturned in my dealings with the enemy for my land.”

“I do not take lightly the words and actions taken by those who oppose my agenda.”

“I will not tolerate the kind of activity that I have allowed in the past.  Judgment will be swift and without mercy to those who oppose me.

“Fear not, I will spare my own as a mother spares her child from harm.”

“I do not desire to bring this.  I take no delight in it.  But, I will no longer allow those who come against my plans and my way to continue in their wicked way.  The time has come.”

“Many will say to Me in that hour, in that day, ‘Why is this happening?’  

“Some of those who oppose me are simply ignorant.  But, there are others who know what they do and do so with purpose of vile intent.”

“When the time comes you must guard your heart.  Remember what I have taught you.  Trust me.  Look to the end, look to the end.  I have made the end from the beginning.  It is all in My hand.  Remember, all I do is out of love.”

I sat amazed, stunned.  I have no interpretation for any of this.  God’s ways are higher than ours and I won’t try to figure out what He means or what He is going to do.  This I know, I heard from God.

I began to study Cyrus in the Bible as some have said that President Trump is like Cyrus.  What I found was an amazing similarity between the two in their dealing with God’s people.

One preacher that I heard today likened the President to Jehu in the Bible.  I have not looked into that yet.

I asked the Lord what to do with this, if I should tell someone or pass it on and He told me to put it here.  So here it is.

You judge.

I am Joy