Songs in the night

Scripture encourages us to be of good cheer ..  be cheer full!

I don’t know about you but when  my body or my soul is attacked, I don’t “feel” like being cheerful.  However, this is precisely the time for the spirit to take control, this is the time to give a sacrifice of praise which is well pleasing to Him.

This is day three of a respiratory attack on my body.  Having good health, I am never sick.  I cannot recall the last time that I was attacked like this.  Oh, there are some symptoms that come now and then, but I refuse them place and they go.  However, this virus was strong and persistent.   I stood and prayed and believed and it rolled over me like a steam roller.  Having said that, I can tell you that even though this is fact, the truth is God’s Word.  God says that Jesus stripes were more than enough to conquer anything and all things that come from the kingdom of darkness.  My expectation is that this new day I will be delivered out of this trouble, God is not like a man, He does not lie.  Praise Him!

Are you battling something?  Turn to the  Lord with all your heart, ask Him to deliver you out of all your trouble.  He will.  Psalm 91…awesome!


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