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End Times

Galatians 4:4-7 My paraphrase: When the fulness of time came, God sent His Son into the womb of a virgin, living under the law of Moses, to buy back those who all their lives lived under bondage to law keeping. He offered adoption into His family which would also make them sons. He sent forth His Spirit to confirm the transformation and His habitation and said, “Now you are an heir with Messiah of the Kingdom of Light. Some believed and received and some rebelled and rejected the offer. The offer still stands and man has not changed, some believe and receive and others rebel and reject it.

Elvi Zapata in the Fall of 2013 spoke what he saw. If you wish you can put his name in You Tube to view it for yourself. I will put forth what I heard on that video here…

He saw tribulation on earth. Fear was rampant, earthquakes, famine…with great cracks in the earth, tsunamis and terrible calamities. God said to him, “Tribulation is closer than my people believe.” God has delayed judgment as His people repented, but nevertheless, judgment will come. God does respond to prayer and repentance. God showed Zapata the year 2014 and Tribulation.

He saw a tsunami heading for the United State from the North. He saw New Jersey, New York City, and the island of Manhattan under water from a 94 foot high wave. Millions would lose their lives.

God has held back judgment, but it will be released all together. According to what Zapata saw there will be three final signs:
1. A mega earthquake in the west.
2. An earthquake in the northeast and then a tsunami.
3. War in Israel.
He saw three weeks of suffering. After the earthquakes he saw that there would be volcanic eruptions. He saw an eruption in Mexico, Mexico City had an earthquake of 8.9 on the Richter Scale. He saw economic collapse. He saw pressure on the San Andreas Fault in California with a 9.5 or 10.5 earthquake, Nevada would be affected. He saw the Yellowstone caldera explode and then he saw a sneak nuclear attack.

I am going to go aside here to tell you of a vision that I had many years ago. I saw an airplane shaped like a triangle come across the Bering Straits, across Alaska, heading south across Canada, coming down across North Dakota and flying straight down to the Mexican border. This aircraft was flying above the tree tops, it was bombing military bases from the northern border to the southern border of the United states. I did not know what the aircraft was as I had never seen anything like it. I found out that it was called a stealth bomber, that it could fly very low, treetop level, that it would make very little noise, and that it could fly under the radar so as to be undiscovered. At that point the stealth bomber was only on the drawing board, it was not in production. But, the Spirit of God knows all things. I believe that while this vision may have some symbolic things in it, the fact is that today Russia has stealth bombers and I believe the day will come when she will attack America.

This is a poem that the Lord gave me at the time the Cold War with Russia was ended:

The treaty is signed,
No more they’re maligned,
“Progress we’re making,
See the steps we are taking?”

Their plan they are working
No detail they are shirking,
Our borders they stake out
No error to make now,
An air strike they plan
As soon as they can.

When peace is declared
Then watch – be prepared.

Nikita Kruschev declared at the United Nations, banging his shoe upon the table, “We will bury you!” When your enemy declares His desire, does he change his plan? Today the Russian bear has come out of hibernation and he is hungry. He sits in secret with the enemy and makes his plans for conquest, there is a time-table, he pretends to be a friend, but he lies. He wants dominion. He is working his plan, his eye is on the Holy land. It is God’s portion of the earth and He will not stand for it. In Ezekiel 38 and 39 it is recorded that he and his confederates will fall in that land. God is God! It is my belief that a simultaneous attack will occur upon Israel and America.

Back to the Zapata vision……He saw a two-week period of time that the Bride of Christ will have to prepare for what lies ahead. She will have to endure some calamity. When she is taken out of the world and brought to Heaven for the marriage supper of the Lamb, then sudden destruction will come upon the earth, this destruction will be the result of the wrath of an angry God against rebellion. Zapata was told, “Wait for the signs.”

It is my belief that the Bride of Christ will go through some tribulation, but not the wrath of God. When Israel was in Egypt, they went through the first three plagues and then God said: “I will put a division between my people and thy people: Tomorrow shall this sign be.” There will be a sifting of those who claim to be Christians, only the true believer will remain faithful in tribulation.

Kevin Mirasi has seen visions of the Lord regarding the end-times. Many things that he saw corroborate what Zapata has seen, and these two men are not the only ones to whom God has shown what is to come, John Paul Jackson is one who comes to mind, but there are too many to name here.

Mirasi saw an earthquake in California that was a 9 or 10 on the Richter Scale. He saw the sign in the Hollywood hills that says, “Hollywood”, demolished, after this California would become like Somalia, a third world nation. He saw Moslems celebrating in the streets at the destruction in America. He was told that these natural disasters were a sign of imminent rapture and that people must repent and be ready for it. He said many other states would be affected by this earthquake.

Mirasi saw the state of Virginia affected by a huge earthquake, this will affect the leaders of the United States, they will feel the shaking, but even so they will not listen to this clear sign from God, but will harden their hearts. In fact, he says, they will use this time to get a firm grip on the land, using it as an excuse to introduce dictatorship into America. He said that the food supply will be cut off for several days and recommended that people have some food and water in storage.

Mirasi declared that the reason for judgment coming upon California is because of the sexual sin and perversion coming out of it that has reached the throne of God. A major earthquake is about to hit California.

Mirasi heard “The split of the land of the United States of America along a fault line.” It will be a huge tear producing a huge trench, he saw people falling into it screaming. There was no time to escape as the tearing continued.

Mirasi saw a “coming war between the United State of America and Russia.” He saw that America will lose this battle, there would be lots of damages, destruction and fatalities. He also saw martial law coming to the United States. People will be searched as never before. He believes this will come as the result of God’s judgments. He was told that these are coming because of sexual immorality and the murder of innocent children through abortion, there being a lack of respect for life, also because of the removal of God Almighty and the value systems from the institutions and the fabric of society, schools and the court systems, because America has a silent agenda to divide the land of Israel, and because of false shepherds in the church, false Christians, false doctrine, a compromised gospel.

George Washington had a vision of America with three wars upon her soil, the last of which was when the country was populated from border to border. He saw this attack come from Europe, Asia and Africa. “From each of these arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into one. And throughout this mass, there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who, moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America, which country was enveloped in the volume of the cloud. And I dimly saw these vast armies devastate the whole country, and burn the villages, towns, and cities.” It is interesting to me that communists have been referred to as “Reds” and there “gleamed a dark red light” in this cloud.

Washington saw the battle, millions were in “mortal combat”. He saw light come and destroy the black cloud, then he saw the angel of the Union, with “legions of white spirits” come to the aid of the people. When the tide was turned the angel of the Union planted the standard, the American flag, and declared: “While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last.”

Scripture declares that no man knows the day or the hour, but God gives us signs that alert us to times and seasons. The sun, moon and stars are for signs, times and seasons upon earth. God does nothing on the earth without His people, He reveals to us these things that we may prepare and be ready and so we may help others to do the same.

There is a little girl from Korea, Sa-Rang, who saw some things of the Rapture of the church, judgment, Heaven and Hell. She saw the Lord in great sorrow as He showed her what was to come. After the church was removed from earth, she saw fire and sulfur rain down upon the earth and she saw many people falling into Hell. There are many books by people who have been taken to Heaven and Hell, God has not left Himself without a witness to the world, but once the judgment is set there will be no room to repent. Today is the day of salvation! The Lord told her that His coming was near and that we must always be ready, because “he that would meet the Lord like a thief in the night will not go to Heaven.”

John Mulinde from Uganda was sent by God to America to tell of the vision that God gave him. God told Mulinde “America’s destiny is to be a city set on a hill, a light in the darkness and a messenger of my Word.” He said, “I am looking for a man to stand before me for this land, but I found none.”

The vision Mulinde had was of a pillar encircled with flowers. On the top was a brown plate and on the plate was a beautiful cake. The pillar moved forward and as it did it grew in size until it was a hill with a city on top, with light shining up into the sky.

As Mulinde watched, the pillar receded until it was the original size; he saw that the pillar was cracked and in the cracks he saw darkness. Then the pillar began to crumble and fall and when it did the plate fell and broke in half; the cake shattered in many pieces. God said, “The foundations of this nation have been broken and I am looking for a man who will stand before me in behalf of this land that I may not destroy it, that I may not give back to it as it has walked before me.

He said that there are many who call people to prayer, but the cry of sin is louder than the prayer and it prevails. God said, “the cloud of judgment is hanging over this land and there are three waves of judgment that are going to hit this land.” They are:

1. Judgment against the spirit of Mammon. “Because my people have made money a god in my place, and have made everything rotate around money and replaced me with the spirit of mammon, everything will come tumbling down, when that happens it will pull down the economies of many countries.” He said, “Tell the people, “Turn your eyes away from the perishable and fix them on me. Tell them to fix their faith in me when things look bad and they will stand.”

2. Judgment against human pride and human achievement…what man has done, what man has built, what man has been able to put together and because of that he thinks he can be God, he can replace God in his lifestyle and he can choose what is good and evil, what is bad for him and good for him and he can set his own standards – judgment in this area is to come through natural calamities, it will hit at the civilization of man and again and again, and the time will come when it will get so intense whole cities will be razed to the ground in a matter of days.

3. Judgment against liberties that overthrow God’s statutes and standards in the name of rights and freedoms. God said, “The people have rejected my standards for themselves; at this moment my hand is holding back the consequences of their choices, but the day is coming when I will lift my hand and all the consequences of the choices they have made will come flooding over the land; at that time there will be a cry for help and help will not be near.”

Many people have declared that there will be a remnant of people who know God and they will follow Him with their whole heart. The others who name the name of Jesus but are not surrendered to Him, who have not broken before Him, will say things like: “How can God be so unjust as to do that to us? How can a loving God do such a thing to us.” God said to Mulinde, “They are not broken, but angry, and their anger is unbelief and total rejection of Me.”

Mulinde was instructed to tell people to pray that the remnant will be big and strong, that they will not fear to stand and that they will have the faith to claim this nation back. God said, “My purposes for this nation are yet unfulfilled, I am not through with this land, but I want people who will stand before me for this land.”

I pray that the eyes of all will be opened to see the time that we are in now. There are veils upon the eyes of many people. They argue and reason and say, “I see.”, when they are blind, dead to truth, and a veil covers their soul. When you are born of the Spirit of God, light comes into your soul and you can see. Change comes naturally because you have switched sides. What was closed to you now opens and you begin the process called sanctification…being set apart as a house for God’s Spirit.

Our inheritance is being taken away and evil is being forced upon the land, claiming more and more territory. The enemy has come in like a flood, a flood of evil flows over the land. The righteous don’t like it, but feel powerless to do anything about it.

The elders, the wise men, and those who give godly counsel no longer are looked up to. Our culture is youth oriented, every area is touched by their desires, their way and their wants. In the political realm there is no prophetic authority. Compromise is the order of the day and “political correctness” governs from Washington on down to local government, media etc.

Unless God’s people fulfill II Chronicles 7:14, “if my people called by my name will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from Heaven forgive their sins and heal their land.”, the judgments these men have seen will come upon the land. God is looking for a people to stand for His will to be done in America as it is in Heaven. He is looking for a people who will pray that America will fulfill her destiny.

The walls are down and the gates are burned metaphorically, but spiritually this is true. The land is defiled and unclean. God’s people pray amiss, powerless, because they are in error. One example is this: In big and small ways parents submit to the prevailing culture of immorality and indecency in the country, they are not taking a stand for righteousness. God cannot answer prayer that is prayed in the wrong spirit or in error.

Mulinde was told that God wants to clean up His church, He wants to pour out the refiner’s fire.” He said it is about a church that will rise above the systems of the world and the chains that are holding people captive; He wants to bring those who are bound into the church and set them free. He wants purity in His people.

If the walls are broken down, then the forces that have come in are uninvited. When you play with evil, it will take possession of you eventually. Giving the enemy a foothold allows him to take you into bondage. The forces of darkness will change your mind-set, your world view. There is corruption that defiles, not only the person, but the whole land.

God is looking for repentance and confession of sin. He is looking for His people to deal with those things that they are shown in their own lives that are hindering them, defiling them and ultimately their family and their land.

James 4:7 says that we are to submit ourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee from us. If the enemy has something in you or something on you, it is no use to resist him, for he has the legal right to be there. Repentance cleans the soul and gives God permission, when you ask, to come to your aid, to cleanse your temple and make it a fit place for His Spirit to live.

Mulinde suggested three things to pray:

1. God, open my eyes to see how you feel, how you see. I want to walk and talk with you.
2. God, I don’t want to miss what you are doing or saying, give me a soft heart, ready and willing to move with you.
3. Pray for America. Cry out for the remnant to rise up, those who are hungry and thirsty for God. Strengthen them Lord, so they are strong and can claim back this nation. May your purpose be accomplished.

5-26-14 I heard these words:
“There is a judgment coming upon America. It is a judgment of works. As she has done so shall it be done unto her. Lies, intrigue and cover up abound, but I see it all. Nothing is hidden from my eyes, for my eyes go to and fro throughout the whole world examining hearts to see whose heart is for me and whose is against.”
“Judgment is coming and it cannot be reversed when the cup of iniquity is full. As you have done so shall it be done unto you. I am God, I do not lie.l If I have said it so shall I do.”
“Do not fear child of mine. Hide yourself under my shadow and you shall go through. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of it all. I do and I will.” There are many who believe they are righteous and are not. Take heed that you stand, lest you fall. Make your calling and election sure.”
“Where is the way that is made clear? Where is the man who stands before me for the nation? Who cares that my people perish for lack of knowledge? Is there no man who will stand in the gap and make up the hedge for the land that I not destroy it?” (I questioned Him here as I know that there are many who pray for America. His reply was: “I judge hearts, you judge externals.)
“Many say that they love me, say I am their Lord, but their lives prove otherwise. Such are worse to me than a sinful man. There are hypocrites in the land, living double lives. Like the Pharisees they proclaim the are mine, yet the live as children of my adversary. Examine yourselves and you will not be judged by the world’s standards.”
“I grieve every day as the reports come concerning my children. “Have I not espoused you to my Son? Have I not chosen you, the remnant to be His Holy Bride? Shall the Bride of my Son defile herself with worldly things when He is at the door?”
“I see, I grieve, my heart grieves over those who have not prepared themselves have not made themselves ready for His arrival. He stands ready at my command to come for His Bride. He will come. Some will be waiting, ready and watching..and some will not, and they shall not enter in to the marriage feast.”

Let us examine our own hearts. Are we wholly His? Have we given Him everything? He knows. Let us not be like the five foolish virgins in the parable Jesus told.

Holy Spirit, examine my heart and forgive me. Remove all impurities. Cleanse me and fill me. I choose to trust you rather than what my senses tell me. Help me in my weakness to be strong in you. I want to be part of this remnant you spoke of. Amen!

I hope you are stirred up by reading this, that surely is the purpose of it. I hope you question God if these things be so and ask Him to show you. He is looking for hungry hearts. Is your heart hungry?

Blessed, that is what I am, and so very thankful to God for His love and His patience.


Joanna’s Song

Joanna does not have a voice and cannot tell her story, but I believe that it should be told.  I do not know of anyone with a similar story to hers and I think it would please her for you to know.

“I was a dream within God’s heart before the world was created…because He has a Father’s heart.  He had a plan for my life, and when He created Adam He saw those who would come from his loins; I was among them.  When the world became so wicked, when all men hated God, “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” and he and his family were spared the deluge; I was in his loins.   My father Abraham was told that his “seed” would be as the sands of the sea; I was in his loins.  And, when the “fulness of time” had come, I was conceived in my mother’s womb from the seed of my father’s loins.  But…….I never came to birth.”

You are probably thinking that this child was aborted and if so you would be wrong.  Nor was she a product of SIDS, some disease or illness.  I was Joanna’s mother, my husband was her father and the true story, up until now, was known only to a few.

My husband and I married when we were in our mid twenties during the time of the Viet Nam war.  When my husband returned from Viet Nam our intention was to start a family, however, conception did not come.  It was a very distressing time.

From the time I can remember, as a young girl, I wanted nothing more than to be married and have babies.  I had very few “boyfriends” while I was in high school, and for many years after high school I saw no one.  There was a short period of time when I dated, but again nothing that lasted.

When I met my future husband there was something that happened in my heart, I came to realize he was the one I had been waiting for, and now almost 50 years later, that spark is still there.  In fact, I love him more today than I ever have.

We desired a family, but conception did not happen and so there were fertility tests, much sorrow, grief and pain until finally the miracle of conception came.

To our union God brought two sons….God’s gracious gift and Truth teller.  We were blessed to have them.

Joanna’s story begins when our boys were eight and ten.  I am from a family of seven, and though I was not raised in my parents home, I loved a big family and wanted at least six children.  My husband and I did not agree on the number, and as it turned out there were just the two boys….until I became pregnant for the third time.

I am what some would call a “girly girl”.  I love ribbons, lace, fixing hair, etc…the whole dresses, shoes, purses thing.  I wanted a daughter to do all of those things with.  That was the desire of my heart and Scripture says that God gives us the desire of our heart.  I believe He puts the desire in our hearts and then fulfills it.  Others may disagree and that is their prerogative.

When I knew that I was pregnant for the third time I was excited and afraid at the same time because my husband did not want any more children.  As it turned out he was accepting of it.  That, however, is also not the end of the story, for early one morning when I woke up, the Lord put a very serious question to me.

I heard these words:  “Do you want to have this natural child or would you like to have spiritual children.”  You might say, “Why can’t you have both.” , and for some that is possible, very possible and probable, but not for me.

Do you know that God is so personal with each of us that His plan is tailor-made just for us?  In fact, one day He made this statement to me:  “If you had been the only one who needed to be saved I would have died just for you.”  That is almost beyond belief.  There is no earthly love like that!

I asked for a day to think about God’s question and I was given that time.   For some reason, probably only known to God, I am a one track-minded person.  When I do something, that thing is what consumes my heart, my thoughts and actions,  I really cannot explain the process that went on inside of me, but in the end, I chose spiritual children.

The next morning, the Lord came for my decision.  I laid my desire for a daughter on the altar of the Lord and I received future spiritual children by faith.

I made breakfast for my boys and saw them out the door, when I closed the door the cramping came.  Joanna had been two months in my womb when she went home to be with the Lord.  A visit to the doctor confirmed the pregnancy and his statement was, “Normally, when a woman loses a baby we have to do a D&C, but your uterus is clean so we won’t have to.”

Today I am the joyful mother of two handsome sons, who have brought me two beautiful daughters-in-love and ten grand-children.  To this number God has added many spiritual children.   It is a privilege and a responsiblity that I cherish.

The end of this story, this song, is that Joanna awaits her family in Heaven, where she is now thirty-three years earth age.  How I look forward to meeting her and hearing her side of the story.

Pastor Steve Poe tells “The Story” as having  two stories, the Upper Story and the Lower Story.  While John Eldredge tells of the Inner Story and the Outer Story.  The Bible is God’s story, the story of His love as seen through His Son, Yahshua.

This morning I was thinking of John 3:16 where God tells us about His love, His heart for people.  He loved so much that out of that love He gave the ultimate sacrifice, He sent His Son to earth where He was horribly mistreated and ultimately crucified by the Romans.  Jesus died and was buried in a borrowed tomb.  Again not the end of the story, because on the third day He arose.  Today He is with our Father.

Joanna returned to her creator and now you have heard her story, her song.  I pray that it has blessed you, dear reader, or at least caused you to think on these things.


Gifted Receivers and Needy Givers

Yesterday I had lunch with my favorite niece.  Even though she and I do not see each other often because we both lead busy lives, each time we get together is a real joy.  We come away with excitement and thanksgiving to the Lord for our relationship and what God is doing in each of us.

We spoke of many things, but mostly it was about the family…hers, mine and ours, catching up on what we all have been doing.  It is wonderful to be a friend with a family member.

I have also been blessed to be the older woman in her life and have taught her the ways of the Lord. Our time of discipleship before her marriage was a three-year period in which God prepared her.  She is married and has six beautiful children.  What a blessing!

Our pastor chided the congregation yesterday that we must bring the good news to the market place.  I desire to do so, though being introverted by nature this is not an easy thing for me. However, yesterday at the restaurant I took the opportunity to do so.

My niece and I had a very attentive older woman wait on us and it seemed quite natural to speak to her about faith.  In keeping with what pastor said, I asked her some questions regarding her country of origin, which was Bangladesh, and a short conversation went on from there.

She and her husband came to America because a large company in New York employed her to sing, although she didn’t seem to want to talk about it further.  She told us that when 911 happened they became frightened and moved to our state to get away.

I wonder how many others ran away in fear of more terrorist attacks?  I was in New York a few days after the 911 attack and I talked with some that were intent on leaving.  In fact one lady had her car and her children packed up and was putting gas in her car to leave that day.  How far is far enough to avoid terror, anxiety or fear?

I asked our waitress what her religion was, she answered that she was Muslim, but that there were many religions in her country.  She emphasized that there was only one God over them all.  She loved to pray, she said, and she wanted us to understand that the terrorists do not represent Muslims.  She further stated that nowhere in the Quaran does it say that violence is acceptable.

I told her that we Christians do not believe that there is only one god or that our God is the same as theirs.  I told her that we believe that a person must be born-again, as the Bible says. We talked of Jesus and she told us that she believes he is a prophet.  I said we believe that He is the Son of God, the Savior of all who come to Him.

She then alluded to denominations in Christianity.  I explained a little to her, but she began to get nervous and ended the conversation.  I pray that she will come to know the one true God, the creator of Heaven and Earth and His Son, Jesus, for true peace can only be found in Him.

How many stories are there?  How many people who are scared and running from something?  How many wrapped up in a religion that, in the end, will not profit them?  And, all the while the truth can be known to anyone who will search it out.

God has not made people to be robots.  Each of us has been given a mind with which we think and examine concepts and ideas, this was a great risk on His part, because then we could choose to rebel against Him.  Many thousands of people have done just that.

In the devotional book, “Jesus Calling”, by Sarah Young, Page 116, the devotion for April 21st, Jesus says,  “Though My blood has fully redeemed you, your mind is the last bastion of rebellion.”  How true that is!

I heard this statement many years ago:  “You cannot keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from making a nest in your hair.”  We are responsible for what we allow to “bed down” in our mind.  Not every thought we think is from ourselves, not every thought is a God-thought, some thoughts are sourced from the enemy of our soul with the devious purpose to deceive us.  We must know who is speaking to us.

For years of my life I heard many voices.  I did not know any better than to listen to what I heard, after all it sounded like my voice.  Thank God for an older woman of God sent to help me.  For three years this dear saint taught me, disciplined me, trained me and prayed for me.  I would not be where I am today had that not happened.  I have taken great joy in passing this blessing on to others.

It matters what we hear, but it matters more what we entertain or meditate on, because thinking becomes actions and actions make character and character makes a life.  Life lived for self, will always end in disaster, does not fit the mold.  Each of us was created by God to be “Sons of God” and any other pattern will not work.  How often we accept the deviant as the norm, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Know this, dear reader, God loves you, you are each His special creation as it is recorded in Psalm 139 verses 13-16.  Verse 16 tells us that God watches over every conception and the growth of the child in the womb.  Their spirits come from Him who created them and sent them, this is why abortion hurts the heart of God.  Each child is a gift and He is wounded when those gifts are returned to Him.

Oh, if only we could or would see from His point of view!

My mentor told me that  “We are all gifted receivers and we are all needy givers.”  It took awhile before I could grasp the full meaning of this statement, but I have come to believe it.

Bottom line:  No human being, save one, is perfect.  We are all flawed because we are all sinners by the fall of our first parents in Eden.  We all sin and fall short of the mark of perfection, which is the holiness of God.

Thank God we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous!  To Him we can come with all of our short-comings and failures.  He stands in the gap between the judgment we deserve and the holiness we fall short of, He is our Savior, He is the bridge over which we can come to God and be accepted.

Thank God for Jesus!  Thank God for the cross, where He paid a price He did not owe because we owed a price we could not pay.

Blessings to you!