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Time Is Flying By

Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-Flying-Clocks-Chasing-A-Man-450437895[1]Last year there was a book published about harbingers.   To my mind a harbinger is a warning that something is on the way, it is not far off and you better be prepared, and it seems to me that these harbingers are, for the most part, not good tidings.

When I saw this headline in our local paper  “53 -Year Standoff Ends”, I thought, “Harbinger”. What followed in the article were pictures about an American contractor released from Cuba, pictures of joyful people across the country and one with “anti-Castro activists” chanting anti-Obama slogans in Little Havana.  Relationship with Communist Cuba is now restored….harbinger!

The column right next to it says, “N. Korea linked to Sony attack”.  It speaks of intimidation, cancellation of a T. V. show and the belief that hackers were working for the North Korean government….harbinger.

In the 1980’s I had a vision, as did several other people.  It was of an aerial attack by Russia across the Bering Straits, across Alaska, across Canada, entering US territory and the bombing military bases from the Canadian border to the Southern border.  The airplanes were stealth bombers flying tree-top level.  I was also given a poem that spoke of them watching for the right time to attack.

Three years ago it was seen by an intercessor that Russian submarines were in the Gulf of Mexico.  Newspapers later revealed they had been there at that exact time.

Many people have seen attacks on the coasts of America coming in the form of rockets from submarines or ships in international waters.  Some have seen Eastern seaboard cities on fire.

In addition to these, we are aware that there are over a thousand ISIS cells in America.  There are many Moslem groups who support and fund them.  It is believed by some that Iran is behind them….harbinger

It seems to me that the enemy is at the door, but Americans are, by and large, asleep or unaware of the signs of the times, and many people believe that everything will continue as it always has for generations to come so they close their ears and their eyes.  I have talked to them.

It is a new day, and in my opinion, it will be the demise of “The American Dream” with all that term means.  The globalists want a government that is controlled by a strong leader, where earth is divided into regions, and America, as we know it today, is no more.  They are working diligently to make that happen, but it takes time.  I think we are getting close to that day, that “new world order”.

Socialism is the order of the day, I believe that it will be a society where the elite are supported by the working class, who work only to support them, while they themselves subsist on a meager amount of food, clothes and shelter.   To my way of thinking this is the plan the socialists, have for America.

Think that will never happen in America?  I pray that you are right, but I believe you are wrong, I just hope that blind eyes are opened before it is too late and destruction comes that will implement “their” takeover plan.  You have to destroy the old to bring in the new, it has ever been so, I do not think this is any different.

Through the years the “racist” card has been played effectively.  Much of what the African race has endured over the years has been horrendous.  But, like anything else there are ditches on both sides of the road and this is no different.  The Aryan race thought itself superior for a lot of years, which accounted for centuries of abuse.

There is a force loosed in America at this time that is racist, it is the flip side of what took place in the 1800’s.  The African race has tasted the power of riot and terror, they have seen how effective it is against the Aryans who want to stay in their comfortable enclaves and not experience any upheaval, and I promise you, it will grow.  It fits right in with “The Plan’.

Communism/Socialism, like many “isms”, promises many things but deliver only constraints, fear and death. (if you don’t go by their rules.)  There was a perfume commercial years ago:  “Promise her anything, but give her Arpege.”  “Isms” make bold promises and may toss a few crumbs your way to keep you attached to them, but in the long run, “you owe your soul to the company store”, as Tennessee Ernie Ford used to sing.

What am I saying?  I am seeing the world very speedily advancing along the lines of Biblical prophecy.  There are almost daily advances that can be seen on TV, in newspapers, magazines, the internet etc. that verify to those with eyes to see that a takeover will happen in the near future.  In addition to that, weather patterns, signs in the heavens and natural disasters are on the increase, which also lead me to believe this scenario.

America will not be lost from being a nation.  But, the America that arises out of the ashes will not be what it once was.  George Washington had a vision of three wars on American soil, two have taken place already, I believe the third is not going to linger very much longer.  In the end of the vision, Washington saw the “Angel of the Union” plant the American flag and declare that the nation will survive the attack from the European, Asian and African continent, but it will be a very different America that it was.

You have heard the term, “Get your ducks in a row?”  Well, this would be a good time to do that.  Start with humbling yourself before the God of Heaven and Earth, who created all living things, including you.  Confess your rebellion against Him and your need of His forgiveness.  Ask Him to receive you through Jesus blood and finished work.  The price He paid to buy you out of slavery to sin is more than enough.  Then, receive your freedom through Jesus.

I am sincerely trusting that you have been stirred to take remedial action if you are on the wrong side of God through sin and rebellion.  Time is ticking by fast.  Who knows if this may be your final call?  Make sure you know that your final destination is Heaven, should your life end suddenly.

My prayers arise for your salvation and those of your household.   Acts: 16:31   Joy