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Christmas 2013/New Year 2014

Christmas this year was very different than others we have had because several family members were not with us. Change is difficult, especially as you get older. Our eldest son and his family spent the Christmas holiday in the area, part of the time with us and part of the time with her family. They will return home Monday. last night we celebrated family Christmas with my husband’s side.

It is always hard to be separated from those you love. When they are here there are a lot of hugs and a great deal of filling up my eyes with the sight of them, especially the grand-children because you know that when you see them the next time they will have grown taller and the older ones changed in other ways as well.

As a committed Christian being with others that are not can be difficult, because you know that the Lord could bring such comfort in the midst of the trial, trouble and turmoil. In the past, when I was not secure in who I am and whose I am, it was much more difficult, sometimes more than I could handle. I thank God that now I know that I can bring them to Him and He will do everything that He can to win them to trust in Him for everything.

My husband and I have a routine each night before we go to sleep. We read from the devotional by Sarah Young called, “God Calling” and we pray for family. Last night when I prayed, the thought of family struggling with life, not knowing the love that our Father in Heaven has, the concern and care that He exercises everyday, the plans that He has for us that are so good, all overwhelmed me and brought tears.

I see this morning, as I sit with Him and listen, the chasm between the secular and the spiritual. The worldly strive to fill that void with many things, none of which satisfy because each human being was created by God, for God and only He will fit that place and bring satisfaction at last.

Of course, being a Christian is not to say that you are in Utopia here. Jesus said, “In this world you have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” This overcoming victory does not fall upon you, nor is it easily accessed, though it is hidden in plain sight for the one who will ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking. You must earnestly desire it with faith and corresponding action and then it will be opened to you.

The New Year fast approaches and with it much change. Since the l980’s time has moved rapidly. In my opinion, there is not a whole lot of time left on the earth clock, God knows and has it in His own hands so I don’t need to concern myself with it, my part is to be ready to pass from Earth to my home in Heaven. This preparation I make every day by spending time with Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

As you read this, know that my prayer for you and your loved ones is that you too will be ready, whether you go the way of the world, death of the body and then Heaven, or stay around and be ready when Jesus returns to wind things up, know that you are loved by God and by me.

Blessings from Father God for you and yours in 2014