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Bible time for Justin and Jacob

“I know the plans I have for you.”  GOD  

There is no one His equal.  He is love.  His compassion knows no boundary.  He has no boundaries known to man.  Except one…your will. 

He will not allow anyone to put Him in a box of any kind.  He will break out of it every time.

He was, He is and He will be involved in the lives of all mankind because He is the creator of all mankind.

All that He is, His power, His love, His majesty, causes anyone who is in His presence to come away filled with awe and wonder.  In His presence all fall on their face.  Pride crumbles.

He loves mankind so much that in His plan, knowing the past, present and future, He sent His Son, His own unique Son, into the world of men as a man.  He came as a man among men.  He displayed God to man.  He came to redeem, to buy back what had been given away by Adam, the initial created by God man, who made the decision not to trust God’s word.

God is love.  Love gives.

Jesus taught His disciples that God is a father, “Our Father who is in Heaven”.  In this dispensation we are the beneficiaries of the last will and testament of God’s son.  He is the mediator of this New Testament.  He came to Earth to showcase who God is. 

God is a Savior.  God is a healer.  God is a deliverer.  God is a provider.  God is a protector.

God is a God of order.  He is not causal or careless.  He is purposeful and intentional.  He is not haphazard.

Corrie ten Boom, author of the book, “The Hiding Place”, tells the story of God’s love for those who abused and murdered her family and the Jewish people.  The Word of God says, “What does it profit if you love those who love you, love your enemies and do good and pray for those who use you?”  Corrie had to forgive the guard, who before receiving Christ as his own personal Savior, had abused her sister Betsey.  She could only do so with God’s love.

Can you pray blessing on one who has “done you wrong”?  Pride can’t, pride won’t.    Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping that the one you hate, the one who offended you, the one who stole from you…dies.  Flesh wants a pound of flesh. 

“Tit for tat, butter for fat, you steal my dog I’ll steal your cat.”

You are only a human being, you are not God.  Apart from His appropriated power you cannot forgive from your heart.  And only truly seeing your own “self” in the light of His love and then seeing your offender through the lens of God’s love, only then are you able to forgive.

“With God all things are possible.  Nothing is too hard for God.”  With you?  Not so much.

Most of your life is ahead of you.  The path in front of me is much shorter.  I am advising you to make the most of each day.  Choose to follow the path least travelled.  “Broad is the way that leads to destruction.”  Many people are walking there.  The surest way to reach your desired destination is to stay on the narrow path, keep focused on the goal.  God is calling you to walk with Jesus, led by His Holy Spirit.  If you do so, you will fulfill your destiny

Religion will keep you satisfied, just a normal, nominal Christian.  Keep drinking that Kool-aid and you will leave this world having made your mark on the world.  “He was a good person.”, they will say.  “Only God is good.”,  Jesus said.  

A Christian is a Christ One.  Christ is not Jesus second name.  Christ means the sent one.  Jesus is the one sent.  His name in Hebrew, the language of the people when He was on the Earth, means Savior.  Jesus Christ…sent one to save, that was who He was.  It was love that sent Jesus. 

Who He is now is King.  A king has a kingdom.  When you accepted Jesus as your Savior you were brought into the Kingdom of God.  You are now looked after, taken care of by King Jesus.  You have to learn the ways of The Kingdom.  The Word of God will teach you the way.

Someone once asked thus question.  “If you were put on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”  This is something you should consider.

A true Christian will touch the world around him with the love of God, he will impact the life of every one whose life he touches. You have influence. How do you choose to use it? 

Learn to love.   May what motivates you be the love of God.

My prayer is that when you stand before God, the Righteous Judge, there will be more than enough evidence written in the book of your life to hear these words… “Well done good and faithful servant, enter in to the joy of your master.”  Amen!

Sin, Righteousness and Judgment

In all of my 77 years there has not been a time like there is in this hour of history..  I have traveled to many countries of the world, and I know that I shall go again to others before my sojourn here is over.  None of the countries that I have visited is like America, none…and yet…the America that I am seeing today is hardly recognizable when compared to the country that I grew up in.  But, before I make my point today, I want to declare what I believe.

I am a believer in the Hebrew God of the Bible, Yahweh, who according to the Bible is the only true God, the creator of all that exists, who was, who is and who is to come. And I believe in His Son Yeshua, called by the English name Jesus, who fulfilled the plan and purpose of His Father perfectly, having given His life blood that men might live in God’s presence without sin separating them from Him and I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Ruach ha Kodesh who was sent to cohabit with every believer. This is my God whom I trust, He has been faithful and kind to me since I met Him.  I give Him place, I honor Him and I stand in His presence with godly fear for “He is God and there is no other”.  (Isaiah 45:5)  I believe that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant Word of God.  This belief is the basis for my faith.  This is the firm and solid rock upon which I stand.  Though I may be unfaithful, He is faithful and will “never leave me or forsake me.”  Hebrews 13:5

Repentance.  Every believer in Jesus the Messiah has come to a place of repentance for rebellion against God, for going his own way, not.God’s way.  You cannot call yourself a Christian if you have not repented of sin. “There is none who does good, no not one.”  (Psalm 14:3)  “All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.”  (Romans 3:23) This is the condition of fallen mankind in God’s eyes, according to the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.

Having laid the foundation for the condition of sin, of righteousness and judgment I would like to address something that disturbs me.  I don’t know if you have noticed it or not, but there is a different standard being used to measure in this hour.  I have stated in prior offerings here that in this time of history we have come to the place where “evil is good and good is evil.”

We have come to the place in America today where every religion is to be accepted, all are to be tolerated and one religion is being promoted as peaceful when in fact its proponents are anything but peaceful.  No one can speak a negative word against this religion without repercussions of some kind.

There is only one faith that is increasingly not accepted, not tolerated and that is Christianity.  People of faith in the God of the Bible are increasingly facing persecution for their faith.    Today it is open season on believers in God.  One thing non-believers may want to keep in mind is that in the past when the Church of God was persecuted it grew, no matter how much God-haters tried to take it out, the opposite happened, it grew and spread all over the known world.

Yesterday a young man was held up before the world for “crimes” he had done as a teen-ager.  He is a believer and as such has repented of these sins and moved on with his life.  Forgiven by God does not mean perfection, but it does mean sin is covered by the Blood of Jesus that was shed for the forgiveness of all sin.  From the point of confession and repentance, there is no condemnation for that sin coming from Heaven.  Forgiven means free.  That is good news.

The people who are pointing their fingers are sinners in God’s eyes, because God has only one standard, one solution for sin and that is the Blood of Jesus shed at Calvary’s hill in Israel.  If you don’t come to Him through the Blood, you are a sinner in His sight and to accuse another is to stand accused before the righteous judge who weighs all hearts.

The adversary of God wants his pound of flesh and will do whatever it takes to get it.  Be advised if you are on the side of the finger pointers, you will find yourself some day being pointed at.  God is not mocked.

In my day it was understood that children in their “teen” years were finding their way.  Very often there was some form of experimentation whether it was their Dad’s cigarettes, cigars or pipe, his choice of liquor, or experimentation with sex.  Most often this experimentation was not lasting as one came into the mid-20’s, married and started a family.  The time I was raised in was a time of “God, Mother and Country”, as someone said. I am speaking of the Midwest, because that is where I grew up; of course, I am aware that this was not the case for everyone.

If I were to use the standard of today as a measure, I was sexually abused by a friend and by relatives.  But, in that day it was a time of experimentation, trying to find your place in the world, trying to find who you were, why you were here and curious oh so curious.  As I said, when you “grew up”, and you “put away childish things.”, (I Corinthian 13:11)  no one thought of it anymore.  Kids were kids, that is just the way it was.  They grew out of it and life went on.  .

People know that no one is perfect.  They know this instinctively.  What they do not know is that a believer in the God of the Bible, who has repented of sin, has been forgiven and they are free.  God who, unlike mankind, also forgets.  This does not mean that a believer never sins from that point on, no, the great Apostle Paul, declared at the end of his life that he was the greatest sinner.  He could not forget that he had persecuted the children of the One he now loved and he knew that a human heart is deceitful.

But God does not leave us hanging when we sin, we have an “advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous”.  (I John 2:1)  We can run to Him and He will forgive. That sin is blotted out of the book of our life, through the Blood of Jesus, as if it never existed.

This is the condition of Josh Duggar, who was crucified yesterday in the media for sin when he was a teen-ager.  He is now 27, married to Anna and they have four children.  Josh is a part of the Duggar family, a Christian family who have made their faith and values public through the TV show, “19 Kids and Counting”.

In a day when the offerings on TV include spoiled children, adulterers, fornicators, mediums, bigamists, and murderers, the Duggar family TV show was a breath of fresh air.  I for one am grieved at what this good family is now going through because the world hates righteousness and searches to find something to accuse anyone who believes in the God of the Bible.

It is plain in the Word of God that persecution will come for faith in God.  It is also clear that the source of that persecution is the devil, the “accuser of the brethren”. (Revelation 12:10)  We should not be surprised.  It is also yet another reminder to us that the coming of the Lord Jesus the Messiah draws near.  It has been declared: “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.”  (Hebrews 10:30)  We have also been told to pray for “those who despitefully use you.”  Matthew 5:44

We choose to forgive the people who have risen up against this righteous family, I pray for the Duggars, but I also pray for the people or person in the media who is responsible for bringing this accusation to the public to shame and humiliate the Duggar family.  They do not realize what they have done.  They have poked a finger in God’s eye.  He loves His kids and He will not let this go without dealing with it.  There will be judgment.  “Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment and some men they follow after.” (I Timothy 5:24)  “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I have no doubt that because the Duggar family’s God is also their Father and Jesus is their Savior, that they will arise from this attack stronger than before.  I pray that they will release forgiveness and pray for the media piranhas who are always looking for another juicy story. The Duggars will be fine, I am sure of that.  I have no doubt that many are bringing them to God in prayer.  I pray too, that God will be merciful to the media and move in power to open their eyes, for truly, “they know not what they do.”

I am saddened, but not surprised at the attack that came yesterday and the subsequent cancellation of this wonderful TV program.  It serves as a reminder that we believers are not of this world system, we are only passing through in the 70-90 years that we live here.  Human life is fragile and temporary.

It is written of unbelievers:   “Surely You set them in slippery places; You cast them down to destruction.  Oh, how they are brought to desolation, as in a moment!  They are utterly consumed with terrors.”  Psalm 73: 18-19

A believers confession:  “Whom have I in Heaven but You?  And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You.  My flesh and my heart fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.:  Isaiah 23: 25-26

Where do you stand?  Are you on God’s side or the world’s side.   A decision must be made in this life.  “Now is the day of salvation”  The time of the end draws near, the time of judgment.  Where will you stand in that day?

You are loved by the Lord, the Almighty, Powerful God of Heaven and Earth, but you must believe and receive His way of doing and being right.  Pride will keep you from Him.  Humble yourself and turn to God with all of your heart, soul, mind and body, cry out to God and He will receive you when you come through the Blood of Jesus.

Because I care…Joy

Ivy’s Story

I had the most unusual experience today, it was serendipitous for sure!

As you walk through life you meet people every day, some of them you greet with a, “Hi, how are you?”.  There are other people who you just smile at in passing and others you don’t even see because you are preoccupied with your own thoughts.  And then, there are a few where meeting them causes something in you to “click”; and you are immediately comfortable with them.

Today began pretty much as a Sunday does except that I was feeling pretty heavy laden in spirit.  Yesterday I kept Shabbat.  I really needed it.  Since Christmas I feel like I have had an incredibly full calendar, so much so that time to just rest or read was a luxury.  If it wasn’t the daily chores of keeping up a home and keeping my husband happy, I was reaching out to others and doing the extra-curricular things I do.

So, yesterday I began reading a book that I got from my cousin.  It is called, “Dispatches from the Front” and is written by Tim Keese.  Years ago I attempted to read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and could not make it through.  I decided in order to make it through Keese’s book I would lace it with a little of Jase Robertson’s book “Good Call”.  And that was helpful, however, I came across a story in Keese’s book of a Mom and seven sons who were murdered, but not just murdered, tortured, incredibly tortured.  It was too much.  I think grief just came and sat on my shoulder.

I know that there is persecution, torture and martyrdom going on in real-time, not just what is in Keese’s book, but I have chosen not to look upon these things because of the torment I feel for the people, sometimes you have to protect your heart

I said all of that to say this:  It was with a heavy heart I started this day but by the end of the day my heart was singing and rejoicing and declaring:  “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!”

After church my usual habit is to go to lunch with friends.  We have such a wonderful relationship and are comfortable with one another, so it becomes very enjoyable.  Today was no exception.

As I was heading for home I felt prompted to see if I could find the home of a lady I had met at church that morning.  I will call her Ivy.  She told me the general vicinity where she lived and had mentioned the street name.  That was all I knew.  I did not even know her last name, but when you have a divine appointment and are trusting Holy Spirit He will lead you, and lead He did…right to her.

For about an hour and a half we talked like we had known each other for years.  We found much in common, including the fact that we each have a son who is not walking with God as he should.  We acknowledged that they were in the Lord’s hands; He is good and faithful and will keep His Word to us for their salvation and deliverance.  Praise Him!

Ivy told me of her youth in Louisiana, her early marriage and the troubles with her husband and his untimely death as a very young man at a time when they were separated.  She spoke of moving to the north country, first to a major city by a Lake and then to Twin Cities farther north.  She wanted to be near her daughter and this made her daughter happy, as she missed her Mom.  Soon her son was with them and things were not so good with him.  How hard it is for a Christian Mom to see her children in the far country knowing what peace and joy there is in the Father’s house.  Ivy’s heart longs for her boy to be free to love Jesus, to know Him as His own Savior and Lord.

As Ivy and I talked together, we began to see that we had a lot in common.  She is a prayer like I am.  Her love for Jesus is strong, like mine and we have both had some very difficult things to deal with in our lives.  Yet, in all that we spoke of there is a deep abiding peace and joy that can only come in relationship with our Lord Jesus.

As I got out of my car, I noticed a book in the door pocket, I reached in to pick it up and just sensed I should bring it with me into the building.  The incredible timing of the Lord is amazing.  The time was getting close to the supper hour and I knew our time together was winding down.  I reached over and handed the book to Ivy, she looked at the title and saw the word, “Restored” and clasped it to her breast.  She told me that she had placed her hand upon her son’s head and told him that he needed to be restored and now here was this book.  She was in awe of God’s perfect timing.

The next thing that happened was that her son walked into the room where we were talking, we chatted for a moment and I gave him the book, telling him that this book was the story of Maurice Sklar who was a Jewish man who played the violin, had attended Juliard School of Music, had a promising career in the secular world and gave it all up to follow Jesus.  He received the book with interest.  When he left the room she told me that in prison he had been given the holy book of those who are now beheading people who won’t follow their religion, and he had been reading it.  We prayed together for our sons and it was powerful.

To say that Ivy and I were quite overwhelmed by everything that had just taken place is an understatement.  As I drove away from her apartment building all I could say was, “WOW!”

I don’t know if this event of meeting with Ivy is the beginning of a “forever friend” relationship or not, but I do know that it was a God appointment, of that I have no doubt.

I hope you enjoyed Ivy’s story.  It has been a blessing to me.

love to you dear ones,