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Prayer, Possession, Position and Priority

Good Morning, it has been an hour now since I woke up.  It is about 5:30.  When I wake up in the early morning hours, I wake up wide awake and I know that I must get up and get with God.  I don’t feel Him, I don’t see Him, but I know I am with Him.  And, I know that He has something that I am to pray about.

Normally, I sleep peacefully through the night and awaken after approximately eight hours.  I wake up happy, thinking about the Lord and ready for the day.

Recently, there are several things that have happened to those I care about.  A few years ago I would have been worried, even fearful for them.  Today, I know that my Father in Heaven holds them in His hand and I can trust that He knows what is needed to bring them to full dependence upon Him.  That is His goal.

My mind wanders around as I pray for my loved ones.  I see them in my mind’s eye.  I see characteristics, pitfalls they may have fallen into and I pray that God will set them free.  The Bible says that in this world there will be trouble; we could all say AMEN to that.  If it stopped there we would have every right as believers in Jesus to feel wretched.  However, that is not the end of the story.

Peter the apostle, tells us that God gave us great and precious promises so that we could escape the lust that is in the world.  In our American Christian mindset we most often think of lust in terms of sex.  It is more than that. Lust takes many forms.

In Eden Adam and Eve lusted to be like God as they listened to the lie of the snake.  They felt that there was something God had denied them.  The evil one accused God to them saying, “God knows that in the day that you eat of the fruit you will be like God.”

Why is this a lie?  Because Adam had been created “in the image and likeness of God”.  Adam looked just like God.  The same authority that God had over Heaven, Adam had over Eden.  He lacked nothing…except one thing, a companion like himself, so God made Eve from one of Adam’s ribs.

Eve also bore the image and likeness of God since she was created by God from Adam’s rib.  They had a perfect environment.  They lived in perfect relationship with God.  It was like Heaven on earth, that is until the adversary sowed doubt and introduced lust into the picture.  Paradise was lost.

The result of Adam’s choice is called sin.  It happens every time someone listens to the accuser and chooses lust instead of life.

What do you lust after?  Power, fame, fortune, a good reputation?  Some lust after food, some lust after knowledge.  Lust is nothing more than idolatry and it can take many forms.  It is a “sneaky” spirit that first must deceive the mind before it possesses the soul.

When I was a young married woman I lusted after my husband.  I wanted to be with him all the time.  Though I did not see it at the time I wanted to possess him.  I cried if he wanted to go outside and I made him miserable if he wanted to be alone.  I “needed” him.

Thank God He did not allow my husband to fulfill my lust!  I had an emotional deficit that I wanted him to fill.  I did not know at that time that I was created with a God-sized vacuum and only God could fill it.  It would be many miserable years before my eyes were opened to the truth and I trusted Jesus to be Lord of my life.

I have shared this in the hope that I might help you see that you can be a believer in Jesus and be a “soulish” Christian who is led by lust instead of being led by the Holy Spirit as the sons of God are to be.

Man is a spirit and when a person comes into relationship with God through Jesus we say that he is saved or born-again.  Since man is a spiritual being the Bible says that we become “a new creature in Christ Jesus.”  The essence of meaning is “something that never existed before.”  This  transformation is immediate.  The Bible says that a believer is “seated with Christ in Heavenly places”.  That is in the spiritual realm.  It is a legal position.  It carries with it Heaven’s authority.

The church is called the “Body of Christ” and each person likened to a member of the Body.  Thus each person has a part to play in the well-being of the Body.  When one part of your body is in distress your whole being feels distressed.  This is why God leads us to pray for one another.

The soul and body of a believer is that part of our being that relates to the natural world, the world around us.

The soul houses the mind (not your brain), the will and the emotions, including your affections, and when your are born-again it enters into a process called salvation.  You are saved from your past sins, being saved presently and will be saved in the future.   Depending on your former lifestyle, this can be messy and you need to be patient with yourself and others as God crafts you into the image He has of you.

It is essential that one who comes to Jesus must commit himself to the Lord with all that he knows of himself at that point in time.  It is absolutely essential that he get a Bible that he can understand so he will read it.  By the way, do not be pressured that you must devour the whole thing at once.  Just start a regular program of Bible reading.  There are many fine Bibles and Bible studies that will help you grow spiritually.

Prayer is the conversation of a believing heart with God. If you want a relationship with someone you spend time with them, you talk to them about yourself and they talk to you about themselves.  It is called, “Getting to know you”.  (smile)

Take some time every day to be with Him.  God wants you to know Him and though He knows you more than you know yourself, He wants you to bring everything to Him.  He loves you so much.

You have a blessed day today.  Joy







Time Is Flying By

Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-Flying-Clocks-Chasing-A-Man-450437895[1]Last year there was a book published about harbingers.   To my mind a harbinger is a warning that something is on the way, it is not far off and you better be prepared, and it seems to me that these harbingers are, for the most part, not good tidings.

When I saw this headline in our local paper  “53 -Year Standoff Ends”, I thought, “Harbinger”. What followed in the article were pictures about an American contractor released from Cuba, pictures of joyful people across the country and one with “anti-Castro activists” chanting anti-Obama slogans in Little Havana.  Relationship with Communist Cuba is now restored….harbinger!

The column right next to it says, “N. Korea linked to Sony attack”.  It speaks of intimidation, cancellation of a T. V. show and the belief that hackers were working for the North Korean government….harbinger.

In the 1980’s I had a vision, as did several other people.  It was of an aerial attack by Russia across the Bering Straits, across Alaska, across Canada, entering US territory and the bombing military bases from the Canadian border to the Southern border.  The airplanes were stealth bombers flying tree-top level.  I was also given a poem that spoke of them watching for the right time to attack.

Three years ago it was seen by an intercessor that Russian submarines were in the Gulf of Mexico.  Newspapers later revealed they had been there at that exact time.

Many people have seen attacks on the coasts of America coming in the form of rockets from submarines or ships in international waters.  Some have seen Eastern seaboard cities on fire.

In addition to these, we are aware that there are over a thousand ISIS cells in America.  There are many Moslem groups who support and fund them.  It is believed by some that Iran is behind them….harbinger

It seems to me that the enemy is at the door, but Americans are, by and large, asleep or unaware of the signs of the times, and many people believe that everything will continue as it always has for generations to come so they close their ears and their eyes.  I have talked to them.

It is a new day, and in my opinion, it will be the demise of “The American Dream” with all that term means.  The globalists want a government that is controlled by a strong leader, where earth is divided into regions, and America, as we know it today, is no more.  They are working diligently to make that happen, but it takes time.  I think we are getting close to that day, that “new world order”.

Socialism is the order of the day, I believe that it will be a society where the elite are supported by the working class, who work only to support them, while they themselves subsist on a meager amount of food, clothes and shelter.   To my way of thinking this is the plan the socialists, have for America.

Think that will never happen in America?  I pray that you are right, but I believe you are wrong, I just hope that blind eyes are opened before it is too late and destruction comes that will implement “their” takeover plan.  You have to destroy the old to bring in the new, it has ever been so, I do not think this is any different.

Through the years the “racist” card has been played effectively.  Much of what the African race has endured over the years has been horrendous.  But, like anything else there are ditches on both sides of the road and this is no different.  The Aryan race thought itself superior for a lot of years, which accounted for centuries of abuse.

There is a force loosed in America at this time that is racist, it is the flip side of what took place in the 1800’s.  The African race has tasted the power of riot and terror, they have seen how effective it is against the Aryans who want to stay in their comfortable enclaves and not experience any upheaval, and I promise you, it will grow.  It fits right in with “The Plan’.

Communism/Socialism, like many “isms”, promises many things but deliver only constraints, fear and death. (if you don’t go by their rules.)  There was a perfume commercial years ago:  “Promise her anything, but give her Arpege.”  “Isms” make bold promises and may toss a few crumbs your way to keep you attached to them, but in the long run, “you owe your soul to the company store”, as Tennessee Ernie Ford used to sing.

What am I saying?  I am seeing the world very speedily advancing along the lines of Biblical prophecy.  There are almost daily advances that can be seen on TV, in newspapers, magazines, the internet etc. that verify to those with eyes to see that a takeover will happen in the near future.  In addition to that, weather patterns, signs in the heavens and natural disasters are on the increase, which also lead me to believe this scenario.

America will not be lost from being a nation.  But, the America that arises out of the ashes will not be what it once was.  George Washington had a vision of three wars on American soil, two have taken place already, I believe the third is not going to linger very much longer.  In the end of the vision, Washington saw the “Angel of the Union” plant the American flag and declare that the nation will survive the attack from the European, Asian and African continent, but it will be a very different America that it was.

You have heard the term, “Get your ducks in a row?”  Well, this would be a good time to do that.  Start with humbling yourself before the God of Heaven and Earth, who created all living things, including you.  Confess your rebellion against Him and your need of His forgiveness.  Ask Him to receive you through Jesus blood and finished work.  The price He paid to buy you out of slavery to sin is more than enough.  Then, receive your freedom through Jesus.

I am sincerely trusting that you have been stirred to take remedial action if you are on the wrong side of God through sin and rebellion.  Time is ticking by fast.  Who knows if this may be your final call?  Make sure you know that your final destination is Heaven, should your life end suddenly.

My prayers arise for your salvation and those of your household.   Acts: 16:31   Joy



According to Webster’s dictionary abuse is defined as: maltreat, misuse, violate, improper treatment…to name just a few.

This morning I read a blog about a woman with several small children who lived in mortal fear of her then ex-husband. One Christmas morning, they packed up a meager amount of belongings, each child took one toy and they left. With God’s help, and the help of caring people, she was able to put the terror she had lived in behind her. Today she lives to help other women and children who are in the place she and her children were.

My question is: What about her/their abuser? God, does he pay? I will answer my own question. Yes, he pays. The Bible says: “Some men’s sins go before and some men’s sins follow after.” This means some people pay in the here and now for their abusive activity and others will face God’s verdict on the day they stand before Him for judgment.

This meditation of abuse, and what is abuse, began for me several years ago. You see, back in my day, the days of my childhood, there were things that happened that were not considered to be abuse. Let me give you an example: My friends and I had been invited to a birthday party at one of our friends home. We were in the 9th grade. We sat on the floor in a circle, playing a game, my friend’s father came in and sat behind one of the girls, he leaned over her and touched her breasts; I am sure he did not think this was wrong. His thought was probably something like this: “Oh, isn’t she cute, her small breasts are so cute.” By the way, his wife was full-breasted.

Nothing was said, nothing was done about this violation. Years later she and I talked about the incident and how it made her feel. How many times does something like this happen to girls, to women, by men, or boys, who think nothing of it. But, to the girl, the woman, it is violation of her person-hood.

The other day some of my friends and I were talking about the way girls dress today. The low necklines, the short skirts…seem to be an invitation to “reach out and touch”. When a girl is innocent, that is, she has not yet been violated, she wants to be “trendy”, she wants to “look nice” and because she is inexperienced she has no idea that her manner or style of dress is inappropriate. And, if she does not have caring parents that will guide her in style, she becomes a target.

Many a young girl has been date raped and when confronted the boy says she wanted it, that it was consensual. There are times when a girl feels unloved or unlovely and she thinks that because the boy says he loves her it is okay to have sex. She has yet to realize the difference between the sexes. To say the least, in this area, we are wired differently.

I have had some experiences that have affected the sexual area of my life. One such time was at a family function; when I walked into the room where all the family were sitting, a male family member slapped me on the butt. Over the years this man has made lewd comments and exhibited sexual behavior toward me.

A female will feel dirty after a sexual violation because there is an unclean evil spirit behind this behavior. This is also the reason when a young girl has sex the first time, whether consensual or by rape, she feels dirty and the first thing she wants to do is take a shower.

It seems to be natural for a male to view a female as a sex object. Females do not think of themselves as objects, nor do they think of a male as an object to be used and then set aside until the need arises again.

God designed us to be sexual beings, to enjoy sex in marriage so that the race could be perpetuated and sex would comfort us and bring us together as a couple. However, the enemy of our souls is a pervert and this area is one area that perversion seems to be the norm rather than God’s way of doing and being right. However, where there is mutual respect, love and caring of the other, sex becomes a precious time of giving yourself and sharing the mutual love you have for each other, in other words, it is a blessing that affects your entire life.

As age comes on us, and it will on every person, this area changes along with every other area of our natural life. Some people are sexually active well into old age and others remain attentive and affectionate with each other without it. The bottom line for human sexuality should be genuine love and consideration for your mate, not selfishness, not “My needs” must be met.

We are in a time of transition now, a time of shifting. Such times have happened in the past, many times, and with the shift change comes. The world we live in, at least here in America, has shifted politically with the last election. But, human government is not the ruler of the world, as some would have us believe. God is the ruler of it all and He is the one who, “Raises up and takes down kings.”

What God does is not always understood, but why should it be? If we can confine God to our thinking He is too small. In general, the body of Messiah believes that we are fast approaching the end of the church age. Some have said that when Billy Graham goes on Home that this will be a sign that this shift has taken place, God knows.

We can daily see and we know that the Mid-East region is getting hotter by the day and many expect there will be war by Spring. One of these days, God will show up to defend Israel. The Bible declares it. When Jerusalem becomes “a cup of trembling” for the whole world we will see Him come to her rescue.

There are many forms of abuse as I stated when I began this article. Abuse is the improper treatment or application to a wrong purpose, or abuse of our natural powers, civil rights, advantages, and privileges. People and nations abuse others. World powers abuse each other. But, when all is said and done, abuse is about usurping power over someone or some country. Power is the issue behind abuse.

The issue of abuse all boils down to the conflict that began between God and Lucifer, the light bearer, when he coveted the power of God and was kicked out of Heaven. He is still wanting, still working to get, still trying to steal, the power and praise that is God’s alone.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Lucifer, called satan and the devil, seeks God’s absolute power, and for a time it will appear that he has won it. The power that satan has in and over this world is absolutely corrupt and can be seen everywhere that control over another person or nation is exhibited.

Ultimately, abuse is about power, it is about control. God made human beings to walk in liberty and freedom and that can only be attained by being in relationship with God through Jesus the Messiah.

If you recognize that you have been an abuser, repent to God and ask His forgiveness, He will forgive you and restore you to wholeness as you follow Him. If you have been abused come to God with your brokenness and allow Him to bring healing to you. God loves you, we are all sinners until we come to Jesus for forgiveness; through Him we are made “white as snow”.

God bless you is my prayer,


Yesterday we observed our 49th wedding anniversary.  I am not sure why, but it seemed like a milestone to me.  At one point I was thinking about the Jubilee year when all debts were cancelled, slaves were set free and property was returned to the rightful owner.  How that would apply to us at this point I don’t know, but I sense that as we go into our 50th year together something will be different.

Our story, our life together, has not always been easy, as no doubt any who have been married a long time can vouch for.  When two people who are so different from each other come together there is going to be ongoing adjustment, which brings me to the matter of perspective.

I recently watched a minister teach his congregation that your perspective will color your perception and yesterday as we stood at the place where the local creek goes over a huge precipice and becomes the falls, I thought how glad I was that my perspective was at the top of the falls looking down, because my perception was that at that point where the water went over the ledge crashing to the bottom, it was raw power and violent energy.

The gorge we stood by was very deep.  A sign by the falls tells the story of it being formed during the ice age; the movement of the ice and the water must have been very powerful to cut the solid rock we observed.  As the ice and water flowed, earth was cut away violently, rock layers cut, crushed and moved by the power of that flow.

Today the creek meanders lazily from its source throughout the area, until it comes to the falls where one is reminded of the distant past that formed this area.

How often our lives are like the gorge near the falls, cut out in our past, reflecting the changes made by our circumstances where sometimes the change is good and sometimes it is not.

Perspective depends on where you are and the lens through which you view what is in front of you.  Your past experience colors your current experience and that colors your perception of what you are experiencing now.

So often, who I am right now, at this moment, is colored by my circumstances, by my emotions, my thinking.  My perspective will color my perception of what I am experiencing.  Your perception can be false produced by an incorrect perspective.

Think about this:  II Kings chapter 6 and 7 tells the story of a famine in the land of Israel, the prophet Elisha tells the king that the next day there will be plenty of food, while one of the kings men said:  “If the Lord would make windows in heaven, might this thing be?”  To which Elisha replied:  “Behold, thou shalt see it with thine eyes, but shalt not eat thereof.”  To the king’s man and from his perspective, even God Himself could not change the circumstances they were in.  His perception was that this was not possible.

Elisha heard from God.  It is not recorded that he knew how it would happen, but He knew His God had spoken and it would happen.  The next morning, through a totally unexpected source the Word of the Lord was fulfilled and the man who did not believe was trampled upon by the people in their rush to get food, thus fulfilling what Elisha had spoken.

How often are we confined by our limited perspective, based upon our past experience, confined in a box of our own acceptance, which makes a miracle impossible?  We do not need to stay in these boxes.  God wants to set us free to dream and to be more than our limited perception allows.

Yesterday morning the Lord told me that He wants to bring blessings to me, but He told me that I limit what He can do because I don’t have the capacity to receive the blessings that He wants to bring, nor do I have the understanding and will that I need to have for these blessings to come to me and through me.

How sad that my perception of Him, caused by my perspective of past experiences, limits the blessing He wants to give me.  Lord, deliver me, heal me, set me free to dream your dream, that I may receive all you want me to be and have.

How many of us are limited, for instance, by a poverty spirit that came upon us because of past circumstances and we can’t seem to get free of it in our thinking.  Our perception is that God is limited by our circumstances and this false perspective keeps us from receiving the blessing of abundance that He wants to give.

Friend, God is good, but how glibly we declare it sometimes, without any real understanding of who our God is and what He wants to do.  Somehow, we have been conditioned to believe that we can “settle” for much less than what He wants for us.

God loved us so much that He sent His own Son to pay a price He didn’t owe for those who owed more than they could pay; may He grant us a changed perspective, that we may see Him as He is and believe that He is “a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”.  And lastly may our perception of who He is be based upon Truth without any other kind of influence.  May it be so Lord!



Fool’s Song

The way of a fool is right in his own eyes:  but a wise man is he who listens to counsel.”   Proverbs 12:15

Every man’s way is right in his own eyes.  But the Lord weighs the hearts.” Proverbs 21:2

He that trusts his own heart is a fool, but the man who walks wisely shall be delivered.”  Proverbs 28:26

A wise man fears and departs from evil, but the fool rages and is confident.  Proverbs 14:16

“The wise fear the Lord and shun evil, but a fool is hotheaded and yet feels secure.  Proverbs 14:16

Ecclesiastes 10:14  “A fool is full of words.  A man cannot tell what shall be; and what shall be after him, who can tell him?

There are two paradigms available to man:  To be wise or to be a fool.  It is a choice.

“No man is an island.”  says John Donne.  No man lives unto himself… but every man dies alone.  It is our decisions that determine our quality of life and it is our decision that determines our destination when this physical body gives way to death.

Each human being will make a decision to be wise or to be a fool.

The Bible, the written Word of God, declares that a fool says in his heart, “There is no God!”  This passage in Psalm 53:1 also says that there is none that does good, which is further confirmed in Romans 3:12 where it says that there is no one who does good, no not even one.  Understand…this is from God’s point of view, not man’s.  God is God! He knows all hearts and declares that a man’s heart is desperately wicked.  Jeremiah 17:9

On the other hand a man is wise who chooses to believe in and receive the gift of salvation through the one that God has sent to be the Savior of the world, Jesus, the righteous one.

The person who believes that Jesus is the Son of God, the one sent by God to be the Savior, is declared to be righteous before God through Him.

“What then will you do with this man Jesus, who is called the Christ?” Matthew 27: 22

History, as my friend Bill says, is His Story…it all is, the whole thing.

Jesus, Yeshua in Hebrew, is the Christ, the sent one ; sent from God. (who is the the Father of us all.  Ephesians 4:6)  Hebrews 1:3

He must rule and reign until…

“Then comes the end, when He hands over the Kingdom to the God the Father, when He has destroyed all dominion, authority and power.”  I Corinthians 15:24

Until then we struggle…

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”  Ephesians 4:6

These forces have power, dominion and authority over the world’s way of doing and being, and over those who do not belong to the Kingdom of God. (by their own choice)

But Jesus said to those who belonged to Him:  “These things I have spoken to you that in me you might have peace.  In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33

This work that Jesus did for us of overcoming the kingdom of darkness through His passion at Calvary, can only be ours by appropriation.  It will not just fall upon us, we must believe it and receive it…that is called faith.

Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

A man is not made just before a Holy God in any other way than by faith.  God justifies the ungodly, their faith is credited as righteousness. Romans 4:5

It is only by faith in what Jesus did that an ungodly, unholy man is accepted as right with God.

Not by works of righteousness that I have done, but according to His mercy  He saved me.  Titus 3:5

Which paradigm do you choose, to be a fool, to not believe, to trust in your own goodness, your own way of being right or to be wise and believe in, lean on and rest in the Savior and God’s way of being right.

Right or Wrong                      Good or Evil

Wise man or Fool

The choice is yours…

Joshua 24:15  “Choose this day whom you will serve….as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Praying that you will believe and live…Joy