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Bible time for Justin and Jacob

“I know the plans I have for you.”  GOD  

There is no one His equal.  He is love.  His compassion knows no boundary.  He has no boundaries known to man.  Except one…your will. 

He will not allow anyone to put Him in a box of any kind.  He will break out of it every time.

He was, He is and He will be involved in the lives of all mankind because He is the creator of all mankind.

All that He is, His power, His love, His majesty, causes anyone who is in His presence to come away filled with awe and wonder.  In His presence all fall on their face.  Pride crumbles.

He loves mankind so much that in His plan, knowing the past, present and future, He sent His Son, His own unique Son, into the world of men as a man.  He came as a man among men.  He displayed God to man.  He came to redeem, to buy back what had been given away by Adam, the initial created by God man, who made the decision not to trust God’s word.

God is love.  Love gives.

Jesus taught His disciples that God is a father, “Our Father who is in Heaven”.  In this dispensation we are the beneficiaries of the last will and testament of God’s son.  He is the mediator of this New Testament.  He came to Earth to showcase who God is. 

God is a Savior.  God is a healer.  God is a deliverer.  God is a provider.  God is a protector.

God is a God of order.  He is not causal or careless.  He is purposeful and intentional.  He is not haphazard.

Corrie ten Boom, author of the book, “The Hiding Place”, tells the story of God’s love for those who abused and murdered her family and the Jewish people.  The Word of God says, “What does it profit if you love those who love you, love your enemies and do good and pray for those who use you?”  Corrie had to forgive the guard, who before receiving Christ as his own personal Savior, had abused her sister Betsey.  She could only do so with God’s love.

Can you pray blessing on one who has “done you wrong”?  Pride can’t, pride won’t.    Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping that the one you hate, the one who offended you, the one who stole from you…dies.  Flesh wants a pound of flesh. 

“Tit for tat, butter for fat, you steal my dog I’ll steal your cat.”

You are only a human being, you are not God.  Apart from His appropriated power you cannot forgive from your heart.  And only truly seeing your own “self” in the light of His love and then seeing your offender through the lens of God’s love, only then are you able to forgive.

“With God all things are possible.  Nothing is too hard for God.”  With you?  Not so much.

Most of your life is ahead of you.  The path in front of me is much shorter.  I am advising you to make the most of each day.  Choose to follow the path least travelled.  “Broad is the way that leads to destruction.”  Many people are walking there.  The surest way to reach your desired destination is to stay on the narrow path, keep focused on the goal.  God is calling you to walk with Jesus, led by His Holy Spirit.  If you do so, you will fulfill your destiny

Religion will keep you satisfied, just a normal, nominal Christian.  Keep drinking that Kool-aid and you will leave this world having made your mark on the world.  “He was a good person.”, they will say.  “Only God is good.”,  Jesus said.  

A Christian is a Christ One.  Christ is not Jesus second name.  Christ means the sent one.  Jesus is the one sent.  His name in Hebrew, the language of the people when He was on the Earth, means Savior.  Jesus Christ…sent one to save, that was who He was.  It was love that sent Jesus. 

Who He is now is King.  A king has a kingdom.  When you accepted Jesus as your Savior you were brought into the Kingdom of God.  You are now looked after, taken care of by King Jesus.  You have to learn the ways of The Kingdom.  The Word of God will teach you the way.

Someone once asked thus question.  “If you were put on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”  This is something you should consider.

A true Christian will touch the world around him with the love of God, he will impact the life of every one whose life he touches. You have influence. How do you choose to use it? 

Learn to love.   May what motivates you be the love of God.

My prayer is that when you stand before God, the Righteous Judge, there will be more than enough evidence written in the book of your life to hear these words… “Well done good and faithful servant, enter in to the joy of your master.”  Amen!

Kingdoms Clashing

In the distant past, perhaps around 3 B.C.E, a child was born that would change the world. He came from the Kingdom called “Heaven”. In that Kingdom His Father was God. He was sent to a place called “Earth”, a place that He had created. He was the Word God spoke and the Word of God became flesh in the body of a teen-age girl called Miriam. At the command of the angel Gabriel her husband, Joseph, named him Yeshua.

He grew up in Nazaret, Israel. At the age of 33, “to fulfill all righteousness”, he was baptized in the Jordan river by His cousin John. His Father in Heaven, as any priestly Israeli father would do when His son was commissioned to the priesthood, spoke: “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”, thus His ministry began.

The Spirit of God took the next step to fulfill all righteousness, He drove Yeshua into the wilderness to “be tempted of the devil” “Tempted in every point as we are”, Yeshua prevailed over the adversary. He called Himself the Son of Man, because He took back, as a man, as representing mankind, everything Adam gave away. “He came to destroy the works of the devil”, the god of this world system.

Yeshua “went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil.” He taught that the Kingdom of God had come to earth; He showcased it. What He saw the Father do, He did. There is no sickness or disease in the Kingdom of Heaven, none was permitted in the Kingdom of God when He was around, except by men who did not believe, how He marveled at their unbelief.

The Kingdom of God is the kingdom of light. Men come to the light so their deeds may be exposed. “All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God”; “There is none righteous, no not one.” The Kingdom of the adversary thrives in darkness; “men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil”. These two kingdoms have clashed from the beginning and will until the end.

Every kingdom has a king, a ruler, a sovereign, to whom the subjects swear allegiance. A kingdom is not a democracy, subjects do not have a vote. Yeshua is the King of the Kingdom of God, God has declared that “every knee will bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord.”

When Yeshua walked upon this planet, He literally defeated the “god of this world”, satan. Adam had given authority over Eden to the adversary. But, Yehsua said: “All authority has been given to me in Heaven and on earth. in my name go”. By this command He gave power of attorney to His disciples and it was through them that the church age began.

We are still in the church age. Yeshua is still building His church. There is still time for repentance and entry into the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of God. There is only one entrance, one door, Yeshua said, “I am the way, I am the door.” It is only by faith in Yeshua and turning from sin that a man can enter into the Kingdom of God.

“If a man believes in his heart and confesses with his mouth that Yeshua is Lord, he shall be saved.” Saved from what? From the punishment of those who do not believe, who deserve everything that the Kingdom of darkness has in store for them, every curse, every evil diabolical thing beyond what men can imagine.

Fueled by hatred of God, the adversary has plans to take God’s throne. Though his demise is plainly spoken of in God’s written word, yet he works to gain the souls of men that he may use them for his evil purposes. Promising men anything, he deceives them, only when it is too late will they learn that he is a liar.

You cannot pass go and collect a hundred dollars in Hell, neither are there virgins awaiting a man in heaven. Hell is not a place where you and your buddies can gather, play poker and drink. There is no light, no love, no one who cares about you, there is only endless torment and misery for the fool you were to believe you could escape by some means other than “The Way” God prescribed. I would advise you to choose today which way you want to go.

From the day that Yeshua entered into the earth realm, the clashing of the two kingdoms began, the Kingdom of Light versus the Kingdom of Darkness. We are approaching the final war. It is for “all the marbles”. The adversary of God believes that he can win and eventually he will put it all on the line. However, darkness is always at the mercy of light. The battle is over before it even begins because the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, Yeshua ha Maschiach is the declared winner of the battle, His Father decreed it and it cannot be reversed.

God is God and there is no other. He is El Elyon, the Almighty, whom no foe can withstand. One fights against Him to his own peril.

The darkness in this world is getting deeper; it is everywhere for those with eyes to see. It appears that darkness is prevailing at the moment, but take heart if you are a believer, it won’t last, breakthrough will come…according to Isaiah the prophet. The Light will arise. I am seeing some of that, even though it be just a glimmer. Elijah’s servant, Gehazi, saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand, but in a short time it became a deluge. The deluge of the Spirit is coming. Look for it, wait for it, for it will surely come.

Blessings upon you, in the name of Yeshua,

Yeshua in Hebrew = Jesus in English
all “.” are from the Bible